Dating A Japanese Man – An Insider Guide

Hey guys, my name is Yuta. I’m a Japanese blogger, YouTuber, author, etc. (I do a lot of stuff!) You might be wondering: what is this dude doing here? Well, I recently wrote a book called “There’s Something I Want to Tell You: True Stories of Mixed Dating in Japan“. Jasmine’s blog “Zooming Japan” has […]


Top Japanese Skin Care Products

You probably already know that Japanese women – or Asian women in general – are really into make-up and skin care. And if you’ve ever been to a drug store in Japan you might have noticed the huge variety of awesome Japanese skin care products and make-up items that are available. But it might be […]


But I AM speaking Japanese!

You can speak basic Japanese. You know a few words. Japanese people compliment you after a mere “arigatou”. But what happens when you actually speak Japanese (pretty much) fluently? Will the compliments stop? Will people think you’re the most awesome person ever? Will you finally be able to communicate with Japanese people properly? Uh, maybe […]


Dating in Japan as an American Woman

Things I wish I had known before I moved to Tokyo Anyone who has spent time in Japan can tell you that, of the interracial couples you find on the street, a disproportionately large number of them are non-Asian men dating Japanese women. I don’t want to hate any of these men (or women), I’m […]


Error: Why Your Foreign Name Is Most Likely Too Long For Japan

So, you’ve finally arrived in the land of your dreams: Narnia …. err, I mean Japan! All these beautiful Japanese women who’ve just been waiting for you. All this breathtaking nature, ancient castles, shrines and temples. Yes, you’re finally in Japan. Congratulations! But beware, you might wake up one morning and notice that life isn’t […]


Dating A Japanese Woman: What’s It Really Like?!

Today I’m very happy to present you a guest post by a great fellow Japan blogger. It’s Ken Seeroi from “Japanese Rule of 7“. I’m sure you’ve heard of him, and I highly recommend reading his blog. I adore his writing style. You’ll learn what life in Japan is really like – in a funny […]


How Dangerous Is Air Pollution in Japan?

People often ask me if it’s safe to visit Japan. Of course, most are referring to the 2011 incident in Fukushima. They are worried about radiation. Some are afraid of yet antoher strong quake or tsunami. However, there’s something else they should be worried about – and that is air pollution!   Air Pollution Caused […]


Want to Teach English in Japan? Choose Wisely: ALT vs Eikaiwa

If you plan to come to Japan and work here,  the most common job you’ll end up with is teaching English. But be careful! There is no such thing as THE teaching English job in Japan. In fact, there’s a huge variety and you might be confused when looking for a teaching position. So, today […]


Is Dating Japanese Women Really That Easy?

I’ve previously written about dating in Japan and interviewed a few of my female fellow bloggers about dating Japanese men. After publishing it, a lot of men asked questions about dating Japanese women. They were mainly concerned about how to approach a Japanese woman and cross-cultural differences that could be an issue. So, I decided […]

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