A German Alien in Japan: Outsider

Living in Japan as a foreigner can be very interesting, weird, annoying and sometimes also frustrating. Japanese people might be scared of you, stare or even point at you shouting “FOREIGNER!!!” All of that happens because you are something exotic, you are the unknown, you are a phenomenon that just appears out of nowhere and then […]


A German Alien in Japan – Staring

It’s time for another post in the blog series “A German Alien in Japan“. There are so many things I want to share with you, but I should have started writing about them right after I came to Japan. Why? Because after a few years most things seem so normal to you although they felt […]


Driving in Japan

I’ve been living in Japan for a few years now. However, my first 4 years I spent in trains or on my bicycle. I just recently got a Japanese driver’s license and since then I’m driving in Japan every single day.   My experience with Driving in Japan As always this article is completely based […]


Japanese hospitals and medical care

Since moving to Japan many years ago, I’ve been to a lot of Japanese hospitals and visited various doctors. I know that there are lucky people out there who managed to live in Japan without ever having to go, but I have a certain condition that requires me to visit the hospital at least every […]


6 Dangerous or Annoying Insects (and Other Pests) in Japan

I definitely don’t want to sound negative. I’m not one of those frustrated people who just keep complaining about Japan, but I want to show you the real Japan in my blog as much as possible. Aside from all the great and beautiful things I discover during my traveling, there are also some bad things […]


Why are you interested in Japan?

I’m very often asked by Japanese people: “Why did you come to Japan? What is your interest in Japan?” There’s this documentation (interviews with people living in Japan) called “A Life in Japan”. In the beginning various people tell us their reason(s) for coming to Japan. – WATCH THE MOVIE HERE – The movie then […]


A German Alien in Japan – Wow, your Japanese is so good!

Life as a foreigner in Japan can be quite annoying sometimes. Everybody who has lived in Japan for a certain time knows that and will probably agree! While everybody has their very unique experiences, if you comb through them you’ll see a certain pattern! Everybody is going through the same things here, maybe slightly different, […]


Dreaming of a Life in Japan: The reality

I’m sure a lot of you secretly dream of a life in Japan. Almost every day I get to read the same questions or statements in Japan related forums: “I want to live in Japan in the future. I have XY qualifications…” “I have no degree, no idea what I’m talking about, but I WILL […]


A German Alien in Japan – Introduction

Hello and welcome to the brand new blog series “A German Alien in Japan” aka “Life as a foreigner in Japan”. Being a foreigner in Japan has its good and its bad points and I’m sure everyone who has lived in Japan for several years like me has their own experiences and strange encounters. I […]

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