Hanafubuki: The best part of spring

Hello everybody! Today let me show you one of the things I like the most about Japan! HANAFUBUKI You can say what you want, but to me this is one of the most beautiful things in existance. It’s impossible to describe or transport its beauty through photos or videos. You HAVE to experience it yourself! […]


Japan in spring: A cherry blossom paradise

Hello everybody! It’s spring time in Japan again and that means the cherry blossoms are blooming in most regions right now. Here in Kansai they’re at their peak at the moment! I thought I should share some of my favorite cherry blossom photos that I took in the past 5 years. Yes, it’s my 5th […]


Autumn Colors in Japan – 2011 (Part 2)

Autumn seems to be over now. Actually we had our first snow today (初雪: hatsuyuki = first snow). I want to use this opportunity to say goodbye to my favorite season in Japan! The photos you’ll see were taken last week, just around my apartment. Please enjoy the beautiful autumn colors in Japan with me! […]


Autumn colors in Japan (2011)

It’s slowly getting chilly here and that although I live in the southern part of Japan! October is usually the month with the most pleasant temperature. In November it’s getting cooler rather quickly and leaves change their colors. However, as Japan is quite a long and thin shaped country (I like to call it “banana” […]

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