Evacomics: Funny Comparison of Japan, Singapore and U.S.

Today I want to introduce an amazing comic artist to you. I found her blog many years ago and ever since then have enjoyed her funny comic strips where she’s comparing Japan to Singapore, the U.S. and other countries. I really love her humor and with just a few panels she’s able to convey things […]


Book Giveaway: Japan Journeys Famous Woodblock Prints

Do you like Japanese woodblock prints, also known as ukiyo-e? Then, I want to introduce a book to you that features some of the greatest artworks in the ukiyo-e world. I won’t just review the book, there’s also a giveaway for one of my readers, so read on until the very end! Japan Journeys: Famous […]


Harajuku Fashion and Overseas Parcel Service

Are you interested in Japanese fashion, especially Harajuku fashion? Do you love Japanese items, but have a hard time getting your hands on them? Then you should better read on! Today I want to introduce a friend of mine. Anji is an adorable fellow German who lives in Tokyo with her Japanese hubby. So, without […]


Japanese Castles – A Backpacker’s Guide

If you’re interested in Japanese castles (like me), then you shouldn’t miss today’s interview. My guest is Julien Mentzer who has published a book called “Japanese Castles – A Backpacker’s Guide“. He’ll talk about his newest project with us today. He’s a fellow castle lover and I enjoyed being interviewed by him in March 2014. […]


Japan Podcasts brought to you by GaijinPot

Today I want to introduce something for anyone who loves listening to podcasts. If you’re interested in Japan, in living in Japan in the near future – or even if you already live in Japan, then the following Japan podcasts are what you need! “GaijinPot“, a huge platform for foreigners living in Japan, recently changed […]


Gaijinpot: Your Best Resource for Life, Jobs and Study

Today I want to introduce something that I consider as a necessary resource for anybody who wants to – or already does – live in Japan: Gaijinpot. I’m sure most of you have already heard of it, if not you really should bookmark it. I myself have been using Gaijinpot successfully in the past few […]


Interview: Benjamin Martin – More Things Japanese

Today I want to introduce Benjamin Martin who’s a fellow blogger and an author, living on a small island in Okinawa. In his blog he shares information about Okinawa, daily life in Japan, but also presents how to cook typical Japanese food.   Zooming Japan: Hi, Ben! Please introduce yourself. Ben: Hi! I’m Benjamin Martin, […]


Teaching English in Japan – Interview with ‘Loco’

Today I want to introduce a fellow blogger and author. Baye McNeil, better known as Loco, has been blogging about his daily life in Japan much longer than most of us. In 2012 his first book “Hi! My Name Is Loco And I Am A Racist” was published. This month (Sep 2013) his second book […]


Blog: Surviving in Japan

After introducing the brand new online magazine “Tsuki” in my last recommendation post, I want to go ahead and present you a great blog today! “Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)” (click) Although I’ve been in Japan for quite a few years now I always discover new, valuable information in this blog. While it mainly […]

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