Busy Japan Travel Time Ahead

Today, I’m just writing to let you know that there won’t be regular blog posts for a while. I’ll be busy travelling around Japan a lot in the next few months. And I’ll be back with (hopefully) a lot of breathtaking photos, useful information and new places I can introduce to all of you. I’ll […]

Busy Japan Travel Time

Pink Paradise: Shibazakura at Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu

Finally I get to post about my Golden Week Vacation 2013 (late April to early May) in greater detail. You can see a review of the whole trip here. I decided to start with one of my highlights which was the “shibazakura” at Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. And I’m sure after reading this […]

Shibazakura at Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu

19 Awesome Day Trips From Tokyo

I know that Tokyo is a very exciting place, especially for first-time visitors, but I cannot emphasize it often enough: It’s important to get out and see other parts of Japan as well. If you cannot afford going all the way to Kyoto, Hiroshima or Fukuoka, then at least plan a few day trips from […]

Day Trips From Tokyo

A Spring Festival at Yamato Koriyama Castle in Nara

Nara is known for its park with wild deer and the great Buddha statue of Todaiji Temple. There are, however, quite a few other nice sights to check out while there. One of them is Yamato Koriyama Castle which I want to introduce today. Visited: April 1st 2013 Access to Koriyama Castle Koriyama Castle (郡山城) […]

Yamato Koriyama Castle

Shoryuji Castle in Kyoto And its Connection to Oda Nobunaga

Kyoto has a lot of famous sights, mainly temples and shrines, but sometimes you just want to get away from that and  see something else. But where to go? From Kyoto your day trip options are endless. As part of a day trip itinerary you could visit Shoryuji Castle which I’ll introduce today. Visited: April […]

Shoryuji Castle in Kyoto

Have You Seen The Top 3 Views in Japan Yet?

People often ask me about places in Japan that one needs to visit no matter what. There is no easy answer to that. First-time visitors prefer Tokyo, Kyoto and maybe Hiroshima. It also depends greatly on the season and your interests. But don’t worry, there is an ‘ancient’ top 3 list that might help you […]

Top 3 Views in Japan

My Golden Week Vacation 2014

Golden Week has just passed and as most Japanese people I had some days off and went on yet another trip. As always after traveling I present you my itinerary and hope it can be a good sample for one of your future trips to / in Japan. Previous trip reviews can be found here: […]

Golden Week Vacation 2014

Attention Castle Explorers: How To Find The Remains Of Zeze Castle

As a castle lover it sometimes draws me to mysterious places almost nobody else would think of. In order to find even the tiniest castle tower, I would walk through dark forests, swim through dirty lakes …. and stop eating sushi. JUST KIDDING! But I do love exploring things that are a bit hidden and […]

Zeze Castle

Japan Spring Vacation 2014

If you follow me on social media, especially on Instagram, or even if you’re a subscriber to my newsletter (the last one I sent during my trip with “live information”), then you probably already know where I went for my “Japan Spring Vacation 2014″. Spring is one of my favorite times to travel and I’d […]

Japan Spring Vacation 2014

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