Here you will find proper credit for all the things I’m using on my website that are not my own.
If I’ve forgotten to mention something that you created, please contact me, I’ll fix it immediately.
Be assured that I’m not forgetting anything on purpose here.


The Theme Layout:

I used a parent theme called Alltuts by Site5.
As you can see I wanted to create my very own style and changed it quite a lot.
Using a parent theme when you’re starting out is a good idea because you’ll have a frame for what you wanna do and from there on you can change things little by little.


The Design:

I created the design myself. However, I was inspired by many other great themes out there.
One example is my navigation menu which was inspired by TheProton Theme by Jenny R.


The Graphics:

Cat Cursor(s): Alice Grafixx (German)
Sushi Icon: DaPino Webdesign
Manga eyes brushes: Fath Design @ Devianart
Brushes used in Footer part 1: Japanese Cartoon Brushes by Angelmalachite @ Devianart
Brushes used in Footer part 2: Sumi-e Brushes by freak76 @ Devianart
Pink flowers: Beautiful Digital Art Flowers Designs
Cat character in “Start Here Page”: Tutorial by Cute Little Factory


The Emoticons:

People often ask me where I get all the cute emoticons from that I’m using in my blog such as //
Well, nowadays it’s actually quite easy to get your hands on these kind of Japanese emoticons. My collection also comes from various sources and I’ve just collected them over the years.
I’m gonna list a few good resources, so you can go and grab your own set from there if you want to:

Glitter Graphics: A great resource for all sorts of tiny graphics, avatars, blinkies, smilies etc.
Ugodeco: Here you can create your own emoticons. (Japanese only)

Fuchu.or: The typical animated Japanese kaomoji!~
Purple Cafe: Various types of cute animal kaoani.
Coporo: Typical Japanese kaomoji (animated).
Plala: 2ch kaomoji and more (Japanese only).

Also a good advice is to browse through Japanese Yahoo and Ameblo blogs as they use a huge amount of cute and random Japanese emoticons! Even if you cannot speak any Japanese, you can browse those blogs!


Special Thanks to:

Everybody at WordPress StackExchange, XHTML Forum and for awesome codes and help.

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