Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Photo #2)

Today’s photo features one of my favorite bridges in Japan: The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is with almost 4km the world’s longest suspension bridge!
The bridge connects Maiko in Kobe with Awaji Island.
It’s a relatively new bridge and was opened in 1998!

For bridge lovers I suggest you check out the Bridge Exhibition Center at the foot of the bridge, the Maiko Marine Promenade and for the hardcore fans the “Bridge World” guided tour where you’ll access the top of the bridge towers and can view the bridge from high above!


Favorite Photo #2: Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - connection Kobe and Awaji Island

(‘click photo to enlarge)

Here’s why I like the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge so much:

It’s illuminated at night. The light patterns are different every season.
Every full hour you can see rainbow colors for about 5 min. – which is a must-see! smilie
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge’s illumination can be seen from dusk until midnight.
There are almost 2000 lightbulbs, looking like colorful pearls. That’s why Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is also called “Pearl Bridge“.

The area around the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge – directly next to the ocean – is great for a late evening stroll.
It’s safe, there are many couples, joggers and other people around, too! But not so many that it feels crowded or anything!
I feel that I can relax when I stroll around or just sit there, listening to the ocean and staring at the bridge!

When I need to relax or time to think this is one of my favorite places to be at night!
So, of course, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge had to be featured as favorite photo! smilie

You can see the bridge when you take a train from Kobe / Akashi to Maiko (bound for Himeji).
Access: Get off at Maiko Sta. and walk for a few minutes. You can already see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, so you won’t get lost.

What’s your favorite bridge in Japan?
What’s your favorite place for relaxing in Japan? smilie


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