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Do you like my blog?
Do you actually find the articles really helpful?
I’m glad to hear that!

But did you know that I’m not only writing blog posts here on “Zooming Japan”, but that you can actually hire me?

you can hire meyou can hire me
you can hire me




For Individuals – You Can Hire Me:

You’re just a normal person who’s planning a trip to Japan, needs help with a translation or there’s something else you need my help with? Don’t worry, you can hire me. I’ve already taken personal requests in the past. You can read the testimonials further down to see how people liked my service.


Why Should You Hire Me?

After I had graduated from university in Germany, I moved to Japan where I have lived for 7 years. I’m fluent in English, German and Japanese and have travelled to all 47 Japanese prefectures (and over 100 Japanese castles) – more than once.
I know a lot about daily life in Japan, Japanese culture, work ethics and expat issues. I’d love to help you out with my experience and knowledge, because I know a lot of people struggle if they want to plan a trip to Japan or if they suddenly have to deal with Japanese business partners.
Let me help you!


Planning Your Japan Trip:

I get tons of e-mails every day where people desperately ask me if their itinerary looks ok, where to find cheap accommodation or what they should bring when visiting in [enter month]. A lot of them have booked their trip through a travel agency and have received an itinerary, but they still come to me because they want to hear my opinion. I really appreciate that.

If you don’t want to go through that hassle, you can hire me instead and I’ll help you set up the perfect itinerary for your Japan trip!
A lot of travel agencies might not know about the hidden spots in Japan and the “standard itinerary” might not be the right thing for your interests.
You can relax while I do the work for you. We can work out the perfect Japan trip for you, your friends and your family!

Need to book an accommodation or a rental car and the website is only available in Japanese? Need someone to actually call and talk to the staff in Japanese? I’ll do that for you.

Contact me now – and I’ll see what I can do for you.



Blake and Brodie (Australia):

“Having decided to travel as much of Japan as was comfortably possible within a 1 month timeframe, my girlfriend and I were overwhelmed with the vast array of things to do and places to see throughout the country.

Discovering that there was a fluent english-speaking travel consultant, who was once also a tourist in Japan, although now called Japan home for 7 years, and was willing to help us plan our trip was a welcoming thought. Jasmine helped plan every single detail of our trip all the while adapting to any suggestions that myself or my girlfriend had. She knew everything and anything about each of the places on our itinerary and it was this locals’ knowledge that made our trip just that extra bit memorable and authentic.

I highly recommend anyone that is looking to travel around this beautiful country that is Japan to get in contact with Jasmine and let her weave her magic to create a seamless and highly memorable custom-made trip. Thank you again Jasmine, our trip was one we’ll never forget.”

Iris M. (Germany):

“I love Japan and it was always my dream to visit someday. That dream came true last year and I was very excited to plan the trip and get all the information I needed. I bought several travel guides and searched for websites which had lots of travel info about Japan. That’s how I also stumbled on “Zooming Japan”. I found so many great sights there which weren’t the usual popular sightseeing spots.

Then, I contacted Jasmine and asked her if she could look over my travel plan. She had many suggestions and even pointed out when we needed more time for visiting a place. I was very happy that she took the time to answer all the questions I had about Japanese food, rental cars, cherry blossom forecast etc. In the end my boyfriend and me were fully prepared for our trip and thanks to Jasmine’s recommendations we also visited many, many temples, castles and shrines.

All in all my first trip to Japan was a great experience and that’s also thanks to Jasmine’s great help and her many recommendations. Once again thank you Jasmine and thank you for Zooming Japan. I hope you can help us again if we visit Japan a second time.”



I know the feeling. There’s something you really want to understand, but you just can’t.
It could be the letter of a good Japanese friend, maybe your girlfriend, the dialogue at a critical point in a video game or the website of a tourist attraction you want to visit?
No worries, I can help you.

I’ve done lots of translations, also in my previous job where I translated speeches and essays of my students from Japanese into English.
The most frequent requests I get is translating personal letters from English into Japanese (or vice versa).

I’m pretty much fluent in English, German and Japanese, so if you have anything you want me to translate, I’ll do it.

Don’t worry if it’s something personal. Apart from you and me nobody else will get to see it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Hire Me – Companies:

If you are a travel agency, magazine, publishing company, a website for learning Japanese or anything else that has to do with Japan, then I’ll gladly work together with you. If you scroll down, you can see a list of companies I’ve already worked with.


Why Should You Work With Me?

You’ll find a great audience of interested people on my blog. “Zooming Japan” is generating over 107,100 page views from around 62,000 unique visitors per month and is constantly growing!
The site is targeted at people who are interested in traveling to or living in Japan.


Blog stats

Blog Stats

35,510+ Facebook Fans
4,510+ Twitter Followers
860+ RSS Subscribers
2,300+ unique visitors per day (average)
3,600+ page views per day (average)
One of The Top 3 Japan Expat Blogs

Klout Score: 62
Alexa Rank: ~#273,000 (~#76,000 in Japan)
(*Please note that those rankings are changing on a daily basis!)

For a daily updated overview of all data, check out my themidgame profile.


Audience Profile

Blog stats: countriesThe majority of my readers comes from English speaking countries, but the top 3 locations are United States, Japan and Germany followed by the United Kingdom.

Zooming Japan gets a high number of new visitors (over 80% of all visitors are new), but also has a large community of loyal returning readers.

On average a visitor views 1,4 pages per visit, giving you a great chance of repeating impressions!
The average reader is between 17 and 45 years old and arrived on “Zooming Japan” for keyword search terms concerning life, work, culture and traveling in Japan.

Companies I’ve Already Worked With:



Hire Me As A Writer:

I’ve been blogging for about 13 years now (4 years here on “Zooming Japan”). I also have published some articles in printed media (thus far only in Germany).

If you have a website or a magazine focusing on Japan, I’ll gladly write articles for you. I also have myriads of photos (copyrighted by me) that can accompany the articles.


Here’s an example of an article in a German magazine:

Katzenkult in Japan” (“Cat Cult in Japan” – published in Cats Today (Winter 2014 issue):

Zooming Japan Publications

*Click to enlarge

Here’s an example of an online article:

Himono Onna – The Dried Fish Woman – on GaijinPot (July 27th 2012)


Let Me Promote You:

I’ll write sponsored articles either on my blog or on your website.
I also feature other types of sponsored content such as infographics, videos, podcasts or photos.

You can find examples of sponsored content on my blog here:

[Sponsored Link]: Top 9 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tohoku and Hokkaido (for JNTO U.S.)
[Sponsored Video]: Teaching German in Japan – The Truth About Job Opportunities (for Goethe-Institut Tokyo)

Let me know what I can do for you and contact me.



I’ll write reviews about your service or product, but only if I had a chance to try it myself.
Please note that I’ll truthfully tell my readers how I liked it. I won’t tell them it’s great if I thought it wasn’t.

My readers trust me and I won’t mislead them.
If I review something, you can be sure that it’s a proper, 100% honest review.

You can see an example of a review I’ve done here:

[Book Review]: Japan Journeys Famous Woodblock Prints (for Tuttle Publishing)


Advertisement opportunities:

Putting ad banners at popular spots on my blog is also a great opportunity to promote your service.
You can find more information about what kind of advertising opportunities I’m offering here.



I’m fluent in English, German and Japanese.
I’ve done some translations at my previous job in Japan, but also for individuals from all over the world. I’ll gladly help you translate documents, letters, websites or apps.

Contact me for more information.


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