Yufuin Cat Items – A Great Souvenir

Are you planning a trip to Japan?
Do you have friends in Japan who offered to send you something? Don’t know what to get? smilie
Then I hope my “Japanese Items series” will help you! smilie

souvenir ideas


I think a lot of people have similar problems!
I have to admit it is hard as there are so many great things here in Japan! smilie
I posses so many items and souvenirs, it’s crazy! I guess buying souvenirs turned into a hobby of mine. Unfortunately it can be an expensive hobbyemoticon, but so far I haven’t regretted any of my purchases! All of them are very precious to me and remind me of the places I visited.


Cute and unique Yufuin Cat Items:

Yufuin Cat Items

I already mentioned these items in my blog post about Yufuin, but they deserve an entry of their own!

Yufuin Cat Items

You can find the small stand where you can purchase said items quite easily. Make sure you don’t miss it!
When walking from Yufuin Station, you’ll stumble into it. It’s on the main road on the right side!
You can also use the Yufuin Burger sign as help to navigate!

Yufuin Cat Items

Zoomed in! The owner of the stand is really nice. He owns many cats.
The day I visited, there was only one cat with him, sleeping the whole time.
As we only spoke in Japanese I don’t know how good his English is. Maybe somebody else can share this information with us?

Yufuin Cat Items

In my opinion your best bet is to get one of the many wooden self-made cat items!
There’s something in all sizes and price classes! They’re unique! None is like the other (which makes it hard to choose).
And he also takes requests or carves your name (or somebody else’s name) in the item if you want to! He also did it for me! smilie

Yufuin Cat Items

This was one of the bigger items I purchased. There are also a few other animals featured. I remember some dog items, but it’s mainly about cats!
A must-visit for all cat lovers! You’ll have plenty of time in Yufuin – even if you just stay half a day, so check it out!

Yufuin Cat Items

I still have the information sheet he gave me. If somebody wants to order something unique, you can mail or call him.

If you ever visit Oita Prefecture in Kyushu and decide to make a day trip to Yufuin, you now know where to go, right? smilie
It’s also a nice alternative or a good addition to the famous Maneki Neko items!

P.S.: The items you see here are just a few of the ones I got, but I think it gives you a good idea of what you can purchase there.

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