2016  Apr 6th ´

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Usagi Cafe Ohisama – Super Kawaii Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo

Are you a cat cafe fan looking for a new animal cafe experience? Your next step should be to (...)

2015  Dec 13th ´

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Adorable Owl Cafe in Harajuku

I recently got to spend some time in Tokyo again and wanted to visit animal and theme cafes that (...)

2015  Oct 15th ´

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Cat Cafe Asakusa Neko-en

It’s not a secret that I love cats – and Japan does, too. I’m sure you know about the (...)

2013  Jun 6th ´

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Cat Café Nyaoshima

Naoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture (map) is mainly famous for its art. However there’s something else that might be (...)