2017  Jun 4th ´

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50 Day Trips from Kyoto You Just Have To Know About

People always ask me about good day trips from Kyoto or Osaka. Especially if you have allotted quite a (...)

2016  Mar 20th ´

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9 Spots to Enjoy Autumn Colors in Tokyo

It’s true that I always suggest to get out of Tokyo as well, but what if you’re stuck in (...)

2015  May 22nd ´

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Top 3 Night Views in Japan

Japan loves lists, so it’s not a surprise that you’ll find lists for almost everything. For visitors this is (...)

2015  Apr 6th ´

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Top 9 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tohoku and Hokkaido

It’s cherry blossom season in Japan right now. But don’t panic if you missed it. You’ve still got a (...)

2014  Dec 6th ´

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The 4 Outermost Spots of Japan

As you hopefully know, Japan is an island, which means there’s edges and spots that mark the end of (...)

2014  Jul 13th ´

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19 Awesome Day Trips From Tokyo

I know that Tokyo is a very exciting place, especially for first-time visitors, but I cannot emphasize it often (...)

2014  Jun 8th ´

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Have You Seen The Top 3 Views in Japan Yet?

People often ask me about places in Japan that one needs to visit no matter what. There is no (...)