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Japanese Castles - A Backpacker's Guide

Japanese Castles – A Backpacker’s Guide

If you’re interested in Japanese castles (like me), then you shouldn’t miss today’s interview. My guest is Julien Mentzer who has published a book called “Japanese (...)

2014  Jul 6th ´

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Yamato Koriyama Castle

A Spring Festival at Yamato Koriyama Castle in Nara

Nara is known for its park with wild deer and the great Buddha statue of Todaiji Temple. There are, however, quite a few other nice sights (...)

2014  Jun 22nd ´

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Shoryuji Castle in Kyoto

Shoryuji Castle in Kyoto And its Connection to Oda Nobunaga

Kyoto has a lot of famous sights, mainly temples and shrines, but sometimes you just want to get away from that and  see something else. But (...)

2014  Apr 29th ´

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Zeze Castle

Attention Castle Explorers: How To Find The Remains Of Zeze Castle

As a castle lover it sometimes draws me to mysterious places almost nobody else would think of. In order to find even the tiniest castle tower, (...)

2014  Feb 3rd ´

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Takeda Castle in Hyogo Prefecture

Takeda Castle – “The Castle in the Sky”

Hyogo Prefecture has a lot of great castles and thus is a must-visit for castle fans. Besides the famous and beautiful Himeji Castle, there’s another one (...)

2014  Jan 13th ´

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Izushi Castle

Izushi Castle in Hyogo Prefecture

Hyogo Prefecture has a lot of great castles such as the famous Himeji Castle. However, there are others you shouldn’t miss like “The Castle in the (...)

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Top Japanese Castles

Great Japanese Castles You Just Have to Visit

As most of you know, I’m a “castle hunter“. I love exploring Japanese castles and I’ve recently cracked the ‘magic 100 mark‘. That means I’ve visited (...)

2013  Nov 20th ´

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Kinojo Castle in Okayama Prefecture

Kinojo Castle in Okayama – The Demon’s Castle

When you hear the words “Okayama” and “castle”, then you probably immediately think of the great “Crow Castle” (Okayama Castle). However, there’s another castle that you (...)

2013  Nov 3rd ´

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Ozu Castle in Ehime Prefecture

Authentic and Majestic: Ozu Castle in Ehime

In September 2012 I had a long weekend and decided to go on a small castle tour through Ehime Prefecture. After visiting Imabari Castle and Uwajima (...)