2015  Oct 15th ´

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Cat Cafe Asakusa Neko-en

It’s not a secret that I love cats – and Japan does, too. I’m sure you know about the (...)

2015  May 28th ´

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Funny Cat Expressions and Phrases in Japanese

It’s not a secret. I love cats and I adore the way cats are “implemented” in the Japanese language. (...)

2015  May 13th ´

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Ainoshima – Yet Another Cat Island in Japan

You like cats? You know about those fancy cat cafés and you’ve visited Tama already? Well, good for you. (...)

2014  Dec 11th ´

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Cat Lovers: Don’t Miss These Cat Places in Japan!

It’s not a secret that I’m a huge cat lover. Are you one, too? There are many awesome cat (...)

2014  Apr 23rd ´

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Japan Spring Vacation 2014

If you follow me on social media, especially on Instagram, or even if you’re a subscriber to my newsletter (...)

2014  Feb 8th ´

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Japanese Latte Art: Cat Marshmallows

You’ve probably noticed that so-called “Latte Art” has become really popular in Japan recently. And “Japanese Latte Art” is (...)

2013  Jun 6th ´

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Cat Café Nyaoshima

Naoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture (map) is mainly famous for its art. However there’s something else that might be (...)

2013  May 30th ´

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Station Master Tama The Cat

Today I want to introduce a special spot in Japan that is a must-visit for cat lovers! Of course, (...)

2012  Sep 14th ´

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Tashirojima – Cat Island

After leaving Yamagata Prefecture I headed to Miyagi Prefecture. Together with Fukushima this is the only prefecture that I (...)