2017  Dec 18th ´

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5 Unique Features of Japanese New Year Cards (Nengajo)

Sending cards to family and friends towards the end of the year is something very common. In Japan as (...)

2015  Jul 1st ´

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Omiyage: The Culture of Souvenirs in Japan

Maybe you’ve already heard the word “omiyage” before. Maybe you also know that it translates to “souvenir”. But it’s (...)

2014  Dec 3rd ´

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A Quick Guide: Gift Giving in Japan – Dos and Don’ts

With a rich culture, history and several ancient legends, there are plenty of superstitions to be aware of when (...)

2013  Nov 15th ´

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Shichi-go-san: 7-5-3 Day on November 15th

Today (November 15) is a special day in Japan called “7-5-3 Day” or “Shichi-go-san” (七五三). Maybe you’ve already heard (...)

2013  Jul 7th ´

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Tanabata Festival aka The Star Festival

Today is July 7th in Japan and that’s when the calendar tells us it’s “Tanabata” (七夕) which is also (...)

2013  Mar 3rd ´

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Hina Matsuri (The Doll’s Festival)

Not only today, but every year on March 3rd Japan celebrates the so-called “Hina Matsuri” (ひな祭り). The festival is (...)

2013  Jan 19th ´

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Shogatsu: Japanese New Year’s Day

After the busy time in December (cleaning, cooking, writing New Year cards) and then finally celebrating New Year’s Eve (...)

2012  Dec 20th ´

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Omisoka: Japanese New Year’s Eve

Around this time of the year Japanese people are busy with various things. Christmas is not what keeps them (...)

2012  Feb 14th ´

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Valentine’s Day in Japan

Hello. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what day today is, now do I? Yes, it’s February (...)