2013  Oct 9th ´

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Nada Kenka Matsuri Himeji

Breathtakingly Dangerous: Nada Kenka Matsuri in Himeji

Himeji is mostly famous for its great castle. Himeji Castle is without a doubt one of the most impressive and beautiful castles in Japan. But Himeji (...)

2013  Jul 7th ´

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Tanabata Festival Japan

Tanabata Festival aka The Star Festival

Today is July 7th in Japan and that’s when the calendar tells us it’s “Tanabata” (七夕) which is also known as “The Star Festival” (星祭, hoshi (...)

2013  Jun 29th ´

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Himeji Yukata Festival

Himeji Yukata Festival in June

When you hear “Himeji” you probably think of the beautiful “Himeji Castle” which is certainly what Himeji is most famous for. However, there are other things (...)

2013  Mar 3rd ´

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Hina Matsuri Japan

Hina Matsuri (The Doll’s Festival)

Not only today, but every year on March 3rd Japan celebrates the so-called “Hina Matsuri” (ひな祭り). The festival is also known as: “The Girl’s Festival”, “The (...)

2013  Feb 12th ´

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Kanamara Matsuri - Penis Festival in Japan

Kanamara Matsuri: Phallus festival in Kawasaki

After sharing my Golden Week Vacation 2012 with you recently, I want to go a little bit back in time and share my short spring vacation (...)

2012  Oct 23rd ´

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Nebuta Festival House - Warasse

Aomori City

After getting soaked on the Shimokita Peninsula I was off to Aomori City where I only intended to stay one night in a hotel. In the (...)