2013  Oct 28th ´

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Scenic Uwajima City in Ehime Prefecture

On my trip through Ehime Prefecture in September 2012, I visited not only Imabari Castle, but also Uwajima Castle. (...)

2013  Apr 25th ´

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Momijiyama Garden in Shizuoka’s Sunpu Park

After visiting Sunpu Castle in Shizuoka City in the morning, I also went to the Momijiyama Garden. It’s actually (...)

2013  Mar 16th ´

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Sankeien Garden Yokohama

After exploring Kawasaki City with its great Kawasaki Daishi Temple, the Chinese Shinshu-en Garden and the interesting Kanamara Festival, (...)

2013  Feb 24th ´

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Chinese Garden Shinshu-en in Kawasaki Daishi Park

There are a lot of things to discover in Kawasaki. After attending the crazy “Kawasaki Phallus Festival” and visiting (...)

2012  Jun 7th ´

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Yumebutai – Awaji Island (Photo #1)

Today I want to introduce “Yumebutai” to you. A place that offers beautiful landscapes and flowers! Yumebutai (夢舞台) literally (...)