2015  Mar 20th ´

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Kerama Islands – Okinawa’s Snorkeling Paradise

I guess it’s not a secret anymore that I’m a huge Okinawa fan. Okinawa is so beautiful and all (...)

2013  Oct 3rd ´

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Rabbit Island Japan: Okunoshima

Hiroshima Prefecture is a popular tourist destination, well-known for the Atomic Bomb Dome, the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima (...)

2013  Jun 3rd ´

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Naoshima – The Small Art Island

Have you heard of Naoshima before? In recent years it became quite popular and promoted as “art island“. Is (...)

2012  Sep 14th ´

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Tashirojima – Cat Island

After leaving Yamagata Prefecture I headed to Miyagi Prefecture. Together with Fukushima this is the only prefecture that I (...)

2012  Jul 8th ´

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Gunkanjima – Battleship Island

After leaving Yakushima, my next destination was Nagasaki. I’ve been to Nagasaki before (blog posts will follow) and it’s (...)