Takkoku no Iwaya Bishamon Hall

Hiraizumi: Takkoku no Iwaya

I managed to visit three sites in Hiraizumi in only one day: Takkoku no Iwaya, Chusonji and Motsuji Temples. (...)

Feb 2nd

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Motsuji Temple in Hiraizumi

Hiraizumi: Motsuji Temple

After visiting the Morioka Castle Site Park in the morning I went to Hiraizumi in the early afternoon to (...)

Jan 30th

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Konjikido - The Golden Hall of Chuson-ji

Chusonji Temple in Hiraizumi

After exploring the Morioka Castle Site Park in the morning I rushed to Hiraizumi (平泉). Both destinations are in (...)

Jan 24th

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Morioka Castle Site Park

Morioka Castle Site Park

After the typhoon hit almost all of Japan the weather never got better and more than half of my (...)

Dec 11th

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Cherry blossoms in Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture in early May

Spring in Japan: My trips in 2012

Spring in Japan is one of my favorite times to travel! I just came back from a 9 days (...)

May 14th

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