2017  Jun 4th ´

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50 Day Trips from Kyoto You Just Have To Know About

People always ask me about good day trips from Kyoto or Osaka. Especially if you have allotted quite a (...)

2017  May 22nd ´

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Hikone Castle – An Original Castle Keep You Shouldn’t Miss!

If you’re a fan of original castle keeps and want to do a nice day trip from Kyoto, then (...)

2017  May 17th ´

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Azuchi Castle Ruins

Azuchi Castle Ruins: Revolutionizing Japanese Castle Design

Azuchi Castle used to be a luxurious castle changing the Japanese castle architecture forever. Unfortunately it only existed for (...)

2017  May 7th ´

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Azuchi Momoyama Bunkamura

Travel Back in Time with Azuchi Momoyama Bunkamura in Ise

If you’re interested in Japanese castles or if you want to spend some fun time in an ancient samurai (...)

2017  May 2nd ´

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Meoto Iwa: The Divine “Wedded Rocks” in Ise

You might have already seen the scenic “Meoto Iwa” on photos and wondered what it is and where you (...)

2017  Apr 27th ´

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One of Japan’s Most Sacred Places: Ise Shrine in Mie

Ise Shrine is one of Japan’s most sacred places and thus popular among pilgrims and tourists. It’s no wonder (...)

2017  Apr 22nd ´

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Iga Ueno Castle – The Castle in a Ninja Village

If you’re interested in ninja, you should visit one of Japan’s oldest ninja villages in Iga Ueno. But the (...)

2017  Apr 17th ´

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Unraveling the Secrets of Iga Ueno Ninja

Even if you’re not interested in ninja, I still highly recommend checking out Iga Ueno. It’s a day trip (...)

2016  Apr 1st ´

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Mount Yoshino in Nara – One Of Kansai’s Best Sakura Spots

Mount Yoshino is very well known – even outside of Kansai – as one of the best cherry blossom (...)