Moai of the Sunmesse Nichinan Park

Miyazaki: Sunmesse Nichinan

After visiting Aoshima and Udo Shrine along the Nichinan Coast, my last destination of the day was the Sunmesse (...)

May 28th

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Kameishi rock at Udo Shrine in Miyazaki

Udo Shrine in Miyazaki

Besides beautiful Aoshima, Miyazaki’s Nichinan coast has other nice spots to offer. After visiting Aoshima I took the same (...)

May 20th

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Aoshima Shrine in Miyazaki

Aoshima Island in Miyazaki

I think it’s finally time to continue posting about my winter vacation in Kyushu. After visiting Miyazaki Shrine and (...)

Apr 25th

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Miyazaki Shrine

Miyazaki Shrine and Heiwadai Park

Hello. Let’s continue with the next part of my winter vacation 2011/2012 travel report. After leaving Nobeoka before noon (...)

Feb 25th

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Imayama Shrine, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Nobeoka (Miyazaki, Kyushu)

Today let’s continue with the next part of my winter vacation 2011/2012 travel report where I show you Nobeoka. (...)

Feb 10th

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Kagura Dance at Takachiho Shrine in Miyazaki

Takachiho (Miyazaki, Kyushu)

Hello. Today I want to share yet another travel experience during my winter vacation in Kyushu! It was the (...)

Feb 5th

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Palm trees in Miyazaki, Aoshima

Kyushu Winter Vacation 2012

Hello! Obviously I’m back from my Kyushu winter vacation. First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! Let’s hope that (...)

Jan 13th

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