2017  Oct 14th ´

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[My Japanese Life – Ep 04]: Claudia from Germany

It’s time again for the “My Japanese Life” series! Today we have a fellow German expat who’s married to (...)

2017  Apr 14th ´

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[My Japanese Life – Ep 03]: Jesse and Kerri from the USA

Here’s another “My Japanese Life” episode. I’m quite sure you’ll find this one interesting as it’s different from the (...)

2017  Feb 11th ´

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[My Japanese Life – Ep 02]: Anika from Germany

It’s time for another episode of “My Japanese Life”. This series has been brought to life to show you (...)

2016  Oct 15th ´

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[My Japanese Life – Ep 01]: Jasmine T. from Germany

Welcome to this new series that I call “My Japanese Life”. As I get so many similar questions concerning (...)