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How Dangerous Is Air Pollution in Japan?

People often ask me if it’s safe to visit Japan. Of course, most are referring to the 2011 incident (...)

2014  Mar 14th ´

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Earthquakes and Nuclear Power Plants in Japan

Everybody knows that Japan is prone to earthquakes. In fact, there are quakes almost every single day. What really (...)

2013  Apr 14th ´

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Magnitude 6 Earthquake in Western Japan

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you might have already heard about it: There was quite (...)

2013  Mar 11th ´

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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 – How I Experienced It

Exactly two years ago on March 11th 2011 something happened in Japan that probably nobody of us will ever (...)

2013  Feb 9th ´

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Is it safe to travel to Japan?

A question I read / hear again and again is: “Is it safe to travel to Japan?” or “Isn’t (...)

2012  Sep 17th ´

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Ishinomaki Tsunami 2011 Devastation

In order to access Tashirojima (Cat Island) you have to take a ferry from Ishinomaki … and that’s how (...)

2012  Sep 14th ´

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Tashirojima – Cat Island

After leaving Yamagata Prefecture I headed to Miyagi Prefecture. Together with Fukushima this is the only prefecture that I (...)