2014  May 15th ´

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My Golden Week Vacation 2014

Golden Week has just passed and as most Japanese people I had some days off and went on yet (...)

2012  Jan 27th ´

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Yufuin (Oita, Kyushu)

Hello! Let me introduce Yufuin to you today! It’s been snowing the past few days. Right now it’s raining. (...)

2012  Jan 20th ´

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Nakatsu City in Oita Prefecture

I guess it’s finally time to report about my awesome winter vacation in Kyushu! Let’s start with the first (...)

2012  Jan 13th ´

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Kyushu Winter Vacation 2012

For my winter vacation 2012 I decided to visit Kyushu again. I went to many places in 11 days. (...)