2012  Oct 8th ´

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Akita: Senshu Park

After visiting one of the most devastated regions of Tohoku (due to the tsunami and earthquake of March 2011) (...)

2012  Sep 2nd ´

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Yamagata Castle (Kajou Park)

It’s finally time to present my Golden Week trip to Tohoku. I really hope that my posts will encourage (...)

2012  Aug 2nd ´

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Omura Park in Nagasaki

After visiting Gunkanjima in Nagasaki City in the morning I was heading towards Hirado in the afternoon. Before arriving (...)

2012  Feb 25th ´

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Miyazaki Shrine and Heiwadai Park

Hello. Let’s continue with the next part of my winter vacation 2011/2012 travel report. After leaving Nobeoka before noon (...)