2013  Nov 11th ´

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Ozu City: The Little Kyoto of Iyo

I went on a little castle exploring tour in Shikoku and visited three castles in two days: Imabari Castle, (...)

2013  Nov 3rd ´

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Authentic and Majestic: Ozu Castle in Ehime

In September 2012 I had a long weekend and decided to go on a small castle tour through Ehime (...)

2013  Oct 28th ´

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Scenic Uwajima City in Ehime Prefecture

On my trip through Ehime Prefecture in September 2012, I visited not only Imabari Castle, but also Uwajima Castle. (...)

2013  Sep 22nd ´

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Uwajima Castle in Ehime Prefecture

In September 2012 I started a short “castle tour” through Shikoku on a long weekend. In previous journeys I (...)

2013  Sep 15th ´

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Imabari Castle – Ehime Prefecture

Ehime Prefecture has to offer a lot of great castles, so I went there for a short castle tour (...)

2013  Jun 6th ´

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Cat Café Nyaoshima

Naoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture (map) is mainly famous for its art. However there’s something else that might be (...)

2013  Jun 3rd ´

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Naoshima – The Small Art Island

Have you heard of Naoshima before? In recent years it became quite popular and promoted as “art island“. Is (...)