2013  Feb 24th ´

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Chinese Garden Shinshu-en in Kawasaki Daishi Park

There are a lot of things to discover in Kawasaki. After attending the crazy “Kawasaki Phallus Festival” and visiting (...)

2013  Feb 21st ´

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Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple

Today I want to introduce the “Kawasaki Daishi” temple (川崎大師) located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture (map). Besides the (...)

2012  Oct 29th ´

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Hirosaki Castle Park

After visiting Aomori City in the morning, I went to Hirosaki City to visit the Hirosaki Castle Park for (...)

2012  Oct 23rd ´

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Aomori City

After getting soaked on the Shimokita Peninsula I was off to Aomori City where I only intended to stay (...)

2012  Oct 17th ´

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Osorezan: Mt. Osore (Shimokita Peninsula)

After visiting Ne Castle in Hachinohe in the early morning I rushed to my train to get to the (...)

2012  Oct 14th ´

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Ne Castle in Hachinohe

After enjoying the Senshu Park in Akita City and the former castle and samurai town Kakunodate I left Akita (...)

2012  Oct 11th ´

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Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture

After spending the morning in Akita City’s Senshu Park, I was off to Kakunodate in the afternoon. If you (...)

2012  Oct 8th ´

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Akita: Senshu Park

After visiting one of the most devastated regions of Tohoku (due to the tsunami and earthquake of March 2011) (...)

2012  Sep 11th ´

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Yamagata Karamatsu Kannon-do and Bunshokan

After coming back from Yamadera, I still had half the afternoon left, so I decided to explore Yamagata City (...)