2015  Aug 31st ´

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Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple in Kyoto

Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple in Kyoto

Kyoto has so many great sights to offer, but there are some less known gems you should check out as well. They are well worth it! (...)

2014  Mar 9th ´

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Ishiyamadera Temple in Otsu

The Treasures of Ishiyamadera in Otsu

Otsu in Shiga Prefecture is not too far away from Kyoto and makes a great day trip. Besides Miidera Temple, Ishiyamadera is another great spot for (...)

2014  Feb 16th ´

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Miidera Temple Otsu

Miidera Temple in Otsu (Shiga) – One of Japan’s Largest Temples

A lot of tourists think of Kyoto or maybe Osaka when they plan a trip to the Kansai region of Japan. Many don’t seem to know (...)

2013  Mar 8th ´

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Nokogiriyama Nihonji Daibutsu

Nokogiriyama and Nihonji Daibutsu

After visiting Chiba Castle in the morning, my next destination was Nokogiriyama which is also in Chiba Prefecture (map). Visited: April 2nd 2012 Nokogiriyama can be (...)

2013  Feb 21st ´

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Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple

Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple

Today I want to introduce the “Kawasaki Daishi” temple (川崎大師) located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture (map). Besides the “Kanamara Matsuri” (Phallus Festival of Kawasaki) it’s (...)

2013  Feb 2nd ´

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Takkoku no Iwaya Bishamon Hall

Hiraizumi: Takkoku no Iwaya

I managed to visit three sites in Hiraizumi in only one day: Takkoku no Iwaya, Chusonji and Motsuji Temples. There was a bit of rushing involved, (...)

2013  Jan 30th ´

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Motsuji Temple in Hiraizumi

Hiraizumi: Motsuji Temple

After visiting the Morioka Castle Site Park in the morning I went to Hiraizumi in the early afternoon to see some of the great temples there. (...)

2013  Jan 24th ´

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Konjikido - The Golden Hall of Chuson-ji

Chusonji Temple in Hiraizumi

After exploring the Morioka Castle Site Park in the morning I rushed to Hiraizumi (平泉). Both destinations are in Iwate Prefecture and are connected by local (...)

2012  Oct 17th ´

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Jizo Statue at Mount Osore

Osorezan: Mt. Osore (Shimokita Peninsula)

After visiting Ne Castle in Hachinohe in the early morning I rushed to my train to get to the Shimokita Peninsula, having the typhoon right behind (...)