2016  Apr 6th ´

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Usagi Cafe Ohisama – Super Kawaii Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo

Are you a cat cafe fan looking for a new animal cafe experience? Your next step should be to (...)

2016  Mar 20th ´

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9 Spots to Enjoy Autumn Colors in Tokyo

It’s true that I always suggest to get out of Tokyo as well, but what if you’re stuck in (...)

2015  Dec 20th ´

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Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku: Food Too Cute To Eat

After visiting the adorable Owl Cafe in Harajuku, Ali (Haikugirl) and me were hungry. It was a huge coincidence (...)

2015  Dec 19th ´

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The Freaky Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku

Harajuku (especially Takeshita Dori) is known for unique and freaky fashion styles, so it’s not a surprise that you’ll (...)

2015  Dec 13th ´

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Adorable Owl Cafe in Harajuku

I recently got to spend some time in Tokyo again and wanted to visit animal and theme cafes that (...)

2015  Oct 15th ´

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Cat Cafe Asakusa Neko-en

It’s not a secret that I love cats – and Japan does, too. I’m sure you know about the (...)

2015  Sep 5th ´

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Is Visiting Tokyo Skytree Worth it?

The Tokyo Skytree certainly became a new symbol of Tokyo and is very popular among tourists. But is it (...)

2015  Aug 17th ´

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Hiking Mt. Takao as a Day Trip from Tokyo

Mt. Takao is a great opportunity to get away from the hectic city life and crowds in Tokyo. That’s (...)

2014  Jul 13th ´

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19 Awesome Day Trips From Tokyo

I know that Tokyo is a very exciting place, especially for first-time visitors, but I cannot emphasize it often (...)