Teaching English in Japan: ALT vs. Eikaiwa

Want to Teach English in Japan? Choose Wisely: ALT vs Eikaiwa

If you plan to come to Japan and work here,  the most common job you’ll end up with is (...)

May 20th

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Gaijinpot: Your Best Resource for Life, Jobs and Study

Today I want to introduce something that I consider as a necessary resource for anybody who wants to – (...)

Nov 7th

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Eikaiwa Schools in Japan

All you Need to Know about Working at an Eikaiwa in Japan

Have you ever thought of teaching English in Japan? There are so many possibilities and also contradictory information online (...)

Jun 20th

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Osaka (viewed from Osaka Castle Park)

Dreaming of a Life in Japan: The reality

I’m sure a lot of you secretly dream of a life in Japan. Almost every day I get to (...)

Jun 10th

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Tokyo Tower

How I made it to Japan

Hello. This is the first post in this blog. Thanks to those of you who are reading along from (...)

Nov 13th

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