2012  Sep 11th ´

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Yamagata Karamatsu Kannon-do and Bunshokan

After coming back from Yamadera, I still had half the afternoon left, so I decided to explore Yamagata City (...)

2012  Sep 8th ´

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Yamadera in Yamagata Prefecture

The second day of my Golden Week Vaction I also spent in Yamagata Prefecture. After exploring Yamagata Kajou Park (...)

2012  Sep 5th ´

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Kaminoyama (Yamagata Prefecture)

After spending my afternoon in Yamagata City in the beautiful Kajou Park I went for a short side trip (...)

2012  Sep 2nd ´

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Yamagata Castle (Kajou Park)

It’s finally time to present my Golden Week trip to Tohoku. I really hope that my posts will encourage (...)

2012  May 14th ´

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Spring in Japan: My trips in 2012

Spring in Japan is one of my favorite times to travel! I just came back from a 9 days (...)