2015  Jun 12th ´

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Akiyoshido and Akiyoshidai

Akiyoshido: Japan’s Most Impressive Limestone Cave

Japan has some really impressive limestone caves. The largest one is called “Akiyoshido” (Akiyoshi Cave) and can be found in Yamaguchi Prefecture. But it’s not the (...)

2015  Jun 7th ´

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Chugoku Region of Japan

Why You Should Pay More Attention to the Chugoku Region of Japan

I bet you’ve heard about the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan. Maybe you’ve also heard about Kyushu. But do you know anything about the Chugoku (...)

2012  May 14th ´

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Cherry blossoms in Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture in early May

Spring in Japan: My trips in 2012

Spring in Japan is one of my favorite times to travel! I just came back from a 9 days vacation (Golden Week) a while ago. In (...)