2015  May 31st ´

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What I learned from Climbing Mount Fuji in August

“A wise man climbs Mt. Fuji once, only a fool climbs it twice.” (一度も登らぬ馬鹿、二度登る馬鹿。) – says a famous Japanese (...)

2015  Apr 17th ´

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Fuji Shibazakura Festival Lets You Enter A Pink Dream World

Are you ready to enter paradise? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you probably think. Paradise is located in Yamanashi (...)

2013  Jun 24th ´

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Breaking News: Mt. Fuji registered as UNESCO World Heritage

Big news for Japan lovers and travellers: Mount Fuji has officially been registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site this (...)

2013  May 12th ´

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My Golden Week 2013 – A Short Review

As some of you might have noticed I was away for some time, that’s because I was traveling during (...)