Dotonbori (Namba, Osaka)

I’m pretty sure that everybody who has ever been to Osaka knows about the popular district called Dotonbori.
It’s in the shopping area close to Namba Station. Actually you can walk all the way from Namba Station to Shinsaibashi Station (subway).
There are MILLIONS of shops, cafés, restaurants, game centers, host clubs ETC. and as there’s a roof on top of the “shoutengai” (shopping arcade) you can go there anytime.
A lot of the bigger shops (e.g. Tsutaya) are open until midnight and restaurants, game centers etc. are open even after midnight, so this is one of the districts that is “alive” and busy at night as well.

I’ve been there many times and it’s really great for shopping or eating local food (okonomiyaki and takoyaki for example).

Namba Station, Osaka Manner Station Nanba

In front of Namba Station.
I especially like the “Manner Station” for the smokers ;P

Namba Osaka

I went on a Sunday, so obviously there were a lot of people. As it wasn’t dark yet, it wasn’t that bad. I had the feeling it got busier, the later it was!

Dotonbori Osaka Dotonbori Osaka

Apart from the main shopping arcade road, I recommend that you try to lurk into the smaller side streets to the left and right, because the atmosphere there is really nice and it’s less crowded (and cheaper if you want to eat!).

Dotonbori Osaka

You will come across all sorts of interesting and weird things!
I thought those statues next to a Lawson convenience store were hilarious!

Dotonbori Osaka

Walking through the long, long shopping arcade, getting closer to the Dotonbori River area.

Dotonbori Osaka

Still peeking into the side streets every now and then … slowly getting hungry because everything smells so good!

Dotonbori Osaka

There are so many things on the way that will distract you, though.
Game centers (oh, how I hate (and love) thou ufo catchers!!!)

Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics in osaka

Yeah … I’m not sure what caught my eye initially. Was it the guy with the huge cook’s hat or the foaming soap!?

Dotonbori Osaka

Well, at some point I finally arrived at the Dotonbori River area.
You can easily see the huge advertisement featuring Fukuyama Masaharu. He became so famous after being in the historical drama “Ryomaden” about Ryoma Sakamoto.
All my coworkers were all over him. I actually liked him better in Galileo (which he did before Ryomaden). And his songs are nice, too.

Dotonbori Osaka

See? There are always a LOT of people at night!

Dotonbori Osaka Dotonbori Osaka

The famous Glico man!!

Dotonbori Osaka glico man

Reflection in the Dotonbori River.

Dotonbori Osaka

Dotonbori Osaka Dotonbori Osaka

Entering the side street with all the yummy restaurants and their cute, huge and interesting “mascots”.
But first I spotted this huge poster of “Nankyoku Tairiku“. I really love this drama!

Dotonbori Osaka

There are so many interesting things to see. Basically you can stop in front of each restaurant and take photos.
Many Japanese people do the same!! You shouldn’t do it when you’re hungry, though. It smells so, so good everywhere!
Eat first, then take photos!! *g*

Dotonbori Osaka Dotonbori Osaka

Takoyaki (fried octopus) or fuku (blowfish)? So many things to choose from!!

Dotonbori Osaka Dotonbori Osaka

Sushi? Okonomiyaki?
Personally I just love okonomiyaki way too much to resist! And Dotonbori is one of the best places to eat okonomiyaki! There’s so many different kinds that I’m sure you’ll have a hard time deciding what you wanna try in the end!

Dotonbori Osaka Dotonbori Osaka

Ramen .. takoyaki again … and a lot of dragons!

Dotonbori Osaka

Dotonbori Osaka Dotonbori Osaka

So many interesting, weird and cute things to discover, really!

Random note:
If you are also interested in Johnny’s and/or anime/manga, then you might want to know this:
Close to Shinsaibashi Station there is a Johnny’s Shop and a Mandarake. You could start your shopping day in Shinsaibashi and then walk through the arcade the opposite way I did towards Dotonbori (eat dinner there) and then arrive and Namba Station from where you can go back to wherever you like! ^-^

What are your favorite shopping spots in Japan?

Thanks for reading!~ :D

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