Momoyama Castle, Kyoto

Hello, today I want to introduce “Momoyama Castle” to you.

Earlier this month I went to Kansai for the 2039473th time.
I really love Kansai and I’ve been to many places there already, but there’s always something new to discover or something old to revisit / redo.

Actually I’m a “castle hunter“. I’m in love with Japanese castles and by the time of writing this I’ve been to about 50 castles already.

Let’s start my long list of visited castles with one of the most recent ones:
Momoyama Castle, also known as Fushimi Castle is in Kyoto.
I’m pretty sure that most (foreign) visitors didn’t know about this castle or have ever visited it?!

Momoyama Station in Kyoto

Momoyama Station is only a few minutes away by train from Kyoto Station!

It’s a 15 minutes walk from Momoyama Station to the actual Castle Park.
It’s quite easy to find. You can ask for a (Japanese) map at the small station before you depart.
If you’re Japanese is not good at all, try asking in the huge “Tourist Information Center” situated within Kyoto Station instead. They can provide lots of information in English.

I enjoyed the walk up the hill and took a few random photos.

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

In front of the park entrance. You can see Momoyama Castle in the background already.

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

Next to the castle is this really old … “castle sign”?! I really liked it, though!
And then it was time to enter the castle park through the huge main gate.

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

Momoyama Castle was originally built in 1592 by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and in use until 1623.
The castle was supposed to serve as Hideyoshi’s retirement home, but it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Thus the current castle is a complete reconstruction of the original one. However, it wasn’t reconstructed until 1964.
Yes, original castles are usually the most interesting ones, but the outer appearance of this castle is really beautiful and thus making up for everything!

This is one of the very few castles that you cannot enter anymore (since 2003).
Momoyama Castle used to be really famous for its tea ceremony room in which both the walls and the implements were covered in gold leaf.

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

See? It’s a really beautiful castle – although it’s “only” reconstructed. Don’t you think?

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

The autumn colors together with the blue sky create a really nice color mix.

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

The main building of Momoyama Castle.

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

Walking closer towards the castle to see all the details.

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

The park is rather small, but very nice to hang out.

I imagine it to be extremely beautiful during cherry blossom season!

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

Spiders seem to enjoy being close to the castle as well??!!

Momoyama Castle in Kyoto

You’ll find peaches on the street everywhere. Why?
Well, “momo” (桃) – as in “Momoyama” (桃山) – means “peach” in Japanese!
I love how every single city has their own symbol or mascot and how it’s also displayed on the streets, too!

And then I took the train to “Inari Station”.
Probably some bells already started to ring when you read “Fushimi” Castle?!
Yes, Momoyama Castle is only 2 stations away from the famous “Fushimi Inari Shrine“.

Thus, if you have 1/2-1h to spare,
Momoyama Castle is definitely worth a side trip!

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