Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku: Food Too Cute To Eat

After visiting the adorable Owl Cafe in Harajuku, Ali (Haikugirl) and me were hungry. cute emoticon laugh
It was a huge coincidence that we stumbled upon two themed cafes right next to each other in Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori.
We decided to check out the Ojipan Cafe:

cute star smilie Visited: December 3rd 2015 cute star smilie

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku


Welcome to the adorable Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

Ojipan (Ojisan no Panda) is a popular character by Q-LIA – similar to all the Sanrio characters.

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

Speaking of Sanrio, right next to the Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku is yet another great cafe: PomPomPurin Cafe.

They’re doing a collaboration called “おじぱんポムの樹meetsオムライヌ”.

I’ll definitely try out the PomPomPurin one the next time I’m in Harajuku.

As you can see in the photo above they had a really tempting Christmas menu in the Ojipan Cafe, so eventually we decided to go there.

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

The Ojipan Cafe is really easy to find. Just walk straight along Takeshita Dori. Coming from Harajuku Station it’s approximately halfway through Takeshita Dori on the right side. There’s a sign on the building. It’s on the 3F of Cute Cube Harajuku. Just keep an eye open and you won’t miss it.

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

The interior of the cafe is decorated so nicely. So many tiny, adorable details. I can see how much thought and love they put into this cafe.

In some theme cafes you have to pay an entrance fee, luckily not in the Ojipan Cafe.

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

It was noontime and as you can see it was almost empty. Only a few Japanese students were also there.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere in there!

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

The menu was so cute! In addition to the Christmas special menu we already saw at the entrance, they had so much to offer.

It was really hard to choose!

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

I went for the Christmas special after all: “Merry Omraisu”

Omelette rice with a yummy sauce and broccoli. It was so adorable. I’m glad that despite that I managed to eat it, because it was extremely delicious!!

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

I also ordered the reindeer Ojipan Christmas choco latte. It was totally worth it.

One of the most delicious drinks I’ve had in a long time!

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

Ali ordered something from the “standard” menu. As you can see it was uber-cute as well.

I was told that this one tasted very good as well. :)

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

She got a drink where Ojipan’s ears were made with oreo cookies. So cute! ^___^

As I got the Christmas special, I got two presents (see photo above). Yay!

The Christmas menu will still be available until 12/25!


Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku

Should you visit the Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku?

If you like cute stuff, pandas and good food, then DEFINITELY!

It was a great experience! The food wasn’t expensive, super cute and it was delicious on top of that.

The atmosphere in the cafe was so lovely and they put up a lot of effort and thought into the decoration.

In short, there’s no reason not to go. I’m quite sure that the PomPomPuri Cafe next to it is just as great. If you’re not sure which one to visit, just go there. Once you stand in front of it, it might be a bit easer to choose. ;)


Have you been to a themed cafe yet?

If so, how did you like it?
If not, would you consider visiting one?


T O U R I S T     I N F O R M A T I O N
Opening Hours: 11:00-21:00 (last order: 20:30)
Holidays: It’s not a permanent cafe. It will be around from Jul 10, 2015 – Jan 31, 2016
Entrance fee: free
Time required: 30 mins
TEL: (+81)03-3408-0050
Access: From Harajuku Sta. (Takeshita Exit), walk along Takeshita Dori for a few minutes. You’ll see it on the right side, 3F of Cute Cube Harajuku.

*Please Note: Prices as well as opening hours / holidays are subject to change. Please make sure to follow the provided link to the official website to check out the latest updates.

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