Adorable Owl Cafe in Harajuku

I recently got to spend some time in Tokyo again and wanted to visit animal and theme cafes that I haven’t been to yet.
Cat cafes are great, but I wanted to try something else this time, so together with Ali (Haikugirl) I went to a super adorable owl cafe in Harajuku.

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Owl Cafe in Harajuku Owl Cafe in Harajuku

I stumbled upon this owl cafe by coincidence. It just recently opened and not many people seem to know about it yet.
I made a reservation the night before, but it wasn’t necessary. We had the owls all to ourselves.

Keep an eye open when leaving Harajuku Station. They’re promoting their newly opened cafe there. Sometimes they haven have a real owl with them, so you won’t miss them.


Owl Cafe in Harajuku Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Fukuro no Sato: Owl Cafe in Harajuku

The owl cafe is called “Fukuro no Sato Harajuku” (ふくろうの里原宿) and is only a 1-min walk away from Harajuku Station (Takeshita Exit). It’s in the 4th floor of a building. Really easy to find. They also have a small map on their website.


Owl Cafe in Harajuku

It’s actually a cafe and a bar. They’re open from 11:00 – 17:00 as a cafe and from 18:00 – 20:00 as a bar.

Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Currently they’re running a Christmas discount campaign, so you can get 30 minutes for 1000 yen and 60 minutes for 1500 yen. That’s really not expensive.

Owl Cafe in Harajuku

I was a bit biased about visiting an owl cafe. I’ve gotten used to cat cafes and I know there are cafes with bunnies, goats, reptiles etc.


Owl Cafe in Harajuku

What to expect in an owl cafe

I was really surprised by this particular cafe. Of course, I cannot speak up for all owl cafes in Japan.
However, I had the feeling that the staff is taking care of the owls well.


Owl Cafe in Harajuku Owl Cafe in Harajuku

The owls are in a separate room. There are several rules you have to follow in order to not disturb the owls.
If you stick to the rules I think the owls aren’t overwhelmed. The room with the owls is really tiny, so not too many people fit in there at the same time. Unlike some cat cafes where people line up and the cats have to deal with crowds of people, I had the feeling that the owls there didn’t have to deal with that kind of stress.

Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Your time with the owls is also limited to about 30 minutes. After that you leave the room and have your tea or coffee. You can still see the owls through the glass windows. I quite liked the setup.

Owl Cafe in Harajuku

You can take photos and videos of the owls (no flash, of course).

Owl Cafe in Harajuku Owl Cafe in Harajuku

You can pet most of them, you can let them sit on your arm – and you can even feed them for a small extra fee.

Owl Cafe in Harajuku Owl Cafe in Harajuku

We decided not to feed them, but instead watch the staff feed them. It was so adorable and quite the experience.
(Note: They got to eat raw chicken meat.)

Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Yes, the owls were chained, but mostly because some of them would start to fight each other.
I’m not an owl expert, but they all looked healthy.
(By the way, you can see the Yamanote Line running in the background from up there, a small extra bonus. *g*)


Owl Cafe in Harajuku Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Is it worth visiting an owl cafe?

I’d say it totally depends on you and your interests. If you enjoy other animal cafes and have the slightest interest in owls, I’d say it’s quite a nice experience. :)

Owl Cafe in Harajuku Owl Cafe in Harajuku

Each owl has a name. They will introduce all the owls to you with additional background information. My favorite was Bob (on the right photo) who was also the biggest and liveliest among the owls there. ^___^


T O U R I S T      I N F O R M A T I O N
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 17:00; 18:00 – 20:00
Holidays: none (but check the website for irregular exceptions)
Entrance fee: from 1000 yen
Time required: 30-60 mins
Access: 1-min walk from Harajuku Station (Takeshita Exit).

*Please Note: Prices as well as opening hours / holidays are subject to change. Please make sure to follow the provided link to the official website to check out the latest updates.

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