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Zooming Japan - A Close-up View on Traveling and Living in Japan

About Zooming Japan

  • Travel tips and inspiration not only of the popular tourist spots, but also destinations you'll never find in any guidebook
  • Learn about the daily life in Japan as a foreigner
  • Enjoy unique and beautiful photos of Japan that you won't find anywhere else

The author Jasmine has travelled to all 47 prefectures, has visited over 100 Japanese castles and even more temples, shrines and gardens. She has lived in the Japanese countryside for seven years and has experienced the "real Japan". She wants to share everything she has explored and learned through her extraordinary travel experience. You'll find all the necessary travel information that you would find in a guidebook, but on top of that you'll get to know Japan's secret and often overlooked spots! You'll regret if you don't read about them!