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Japanese Latte Art: Cat Marshmallows

You’ve probably noticed that so-called “Latte Art” has become really popular in Japan recently.
And “Japanese Latte Art” is the most amazing and cutest out there!


Recent Hype: Japanese Latte Art

Kazuki Yamamoto is probably the one who made it so popular. He’s a barista in Osaka who has created some nice pieces of latte art.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should check out the following articles:


Latte Art At Home: Cat Marshmallows

After following the hype and enjoying all the great photos for a while, I decided it’s time to try it myself.

I’m a huge cat lover, so I was glad when I found these adorable cat marshmallows.

Ok, technically it’s not real latte art, but that’s a great solution for the ones among us who aren’t as talented as that barista in Osaka. *g*

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

I looked around online and found “Marshmallow Shop Yawahada” where they sell different cat related marshmallows.

They even ship overseas (outside of Japan)!

I chose this set called “Cafe Cat & Paw“.
Just as the name suggests, you’ll find a few cat paws and cats inside the cute box.
To be more precise: 2 brown paws, 2 white paws and two cats.


Type 1: Cat

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

As it’s really cute and a lot of fun, I wanted to share the whole process with you.

Since we’re talking about marshmallows, you can also eat them just like that. But where’s the fun in that, right?

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

You can put the marshmallow into your coffee, but also into a cup of tea.

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

The marshmallows are all very sweet.

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

The cute cat marshmallow will melt quickly into your hot beverage.

It’s so adorable that I thought I might not be able to drink it.

Just look at the face! It’s saying: “I’m drowning! Help!”

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

Once it has completely melted, you’ve technically created your own “latte art”.

Although in this case, it’s “marshmallow art”, but let us not become picky! smilie

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

As it isn’t milk, it won’t mix with the coffee. It’s more like cream, floating on top of your beverage.

I recommend using a spoon, so you can fully enjoy the sweetness of the melted marshmallow. (Although I did feel a bit sorry for the cute cat.)


Type 2: Paw

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

Next, let’s see how the cat paw “performs”.

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

OMG! There’s a paw floating in my coffee!

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

As you can see it melts really quickly and all you have to do is to sit back and wait (and take millions of photos).

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

The paw itself takes longer to melt, so it really looks like a paw is floating in your coffee.

Japanese Latte Art - Cat Marshmallow

Once it has melted completely, you can finally enjoy your marshmallow coffee with “latte art”.


Latte Art – Your Experience

So, I’m sure you’ve heard of Japanese Latte Art before and if not, you know about it NOW! *g*
What do you think about it? Simply adorable or something the world doesn’t need?

Have you tried any “Latte Art” yet?
Have you been to a café that offered great “Latte Art”?

Feel free to share your photos! ^___^ emoticon


  • That looks so cool! I love your tea cups and saucer as well – what characters are on the first cup?

    I’m going to Japan soon, so may have to keep an eye out for cat marshmallows :)

  • Hi!
    I really like the paws, they’re so cute!
    When I saw your photos the first time, I didn’t expected you did it yourself ^_-
    Thought it would be real latte art!
    最近, I visited a Final Fantasy, no, Enix Café in Tokyo and got a Chokobo Latte :)
    Sorry.. I’m not fluent in English… And then only japanese words pop up in my mind >.>

  • Jasmine,

    I’m really glad I persevered thru all the obvious cuteness of the subject matter on this post and read it all; including the links. WOW, How did they create that incredible artwork; both 2 & 3D are utterly fantastic. I have seen loads of Manga and Anime where the characters didn’t have near as many details and weren’t reproduced as accurately as that latte art. It just blew me away and after showing the links to my Mom, Sisters and Great niece (the Disney characters were her favs), I have some new browny points in the bank. Thanks J. for the great pics and links and for putting this post out there, it gave my family many many smiles!!!! :luvit:

    P.S. Of course the cuteness had no effect on my MANLY mentality, though I knew it would blow away my womenfolk, cough cough… ;P

  • Hi Jasmine
    This is just the most perfect post!!
    I was completely blown away by the content, the subject matter, the photos and the other well researched links.
    This is a prime example of why your blog is the very best I have come across about Japan.
    You put so much work into how your blog looks, colour, layout, fonts, pictures, it is all so perfect.
    Too bad you couldn’t make a real living out of this work because you obviously love it and you are so good at it, these are the 2 things for a perfect job or career!!
    Congratulations on a perfect blog and my kindest regards.

    • Edwardo8,
      Thank you so, so much for your nice compliments and encouraging words. I really appreciate them as they keep me going.
      Oh, I’d love to do this as my “main job”, but I guess this will never ever happen. ;)

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