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Aka Tombo: The Red Dragonfly

When visiting Japan one of the more pleasant insects you might see if you’re a bit lucky is the red dragonfly (aka tombo, 赤とんぼ).
My area seems to be especially famous as many of them used to gather there, but I heard that in recent years there are less and less.

Favorite Photo #3: Aka Tombo – The Red Dragonfly

Aka Tombo: The Red Dragonfly

I didn’t expect to see one at all, but when I visited the Kokoen Garden next to Himeji Castle during the Himeji Yukata Festival in June, I stumbled upon one.
With their bright red color they stick out anyways. It’s hard NOT to see them! smilie

There’s also a rather famous Japanese song called “Aka Tombo“. Nowadays you can find many different versions of it.

Isn’t the red draonfly a beautiful insect?
What do you think?

I hope you’ll be lucky as well and encounter one of the rarer insects or animals – the harmless ones(!) – when traveling through Japan.

Thanks for reading. smilie


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