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Aka Tombo: The Red Dragonfly

When visiting Japan one of the more pleasant insects you might see if you’re a bit lucky is the red dragonfly (aka tombo, 赤とんぼ).
My area seems to be especially famous as many of them used to gather there, but I heard that in recent years there are less and less.

Favorite Photo #3: Aka Tombo – The Red Dragonfly

Aka Tombo: The Red Dragonfly

I didn’t expect to see one at all, but when I visited the Kokoen Garden next to Himeji Castle during the Himeji Yukata Festival in June, I stumbled upon one.
With their bright red color they stick out anyways. It’s hard NOT to see them! smilie

There’s also a rather famous Japanese song called “Aka Tombo“. Nowadays you can find many different versions of it.

Isn’t the red draonfly a beautiful insect?
What do you think?

I hope you’ll be lucky as well and encounter one of the rarer insects or animals – the harmless ones(!) – when traveling through Japan.

Thanks for reading. smilie


    • The funny thing is that I didn’t look for them at all. It just appeared in front of me!
      Now that I am more careful and try to find another one, I don’t get to see any …. ^-^;

  • Those are super pretty. Don’t think I’ve seen anything but rather small blue\green dragon flies here in Tokyo.

    • I think those are the most common ones anyways. That’s what I’ve been seeing the most, too!
      I hope I’ll get to see another red dragonfly soon! :D

  • I’m no good with insects, but it is quite a sight! :music:
    Did you visit Himeji castle too?? I used to always joke with my students about buying Himeji to live in :hihi: It so gorgeous and one of my fave tours :stars:

    • Well, dragonflies are harmless, so I don’t mind them at all, especially if they’re THAT beautiful!! :D
      I didn’t really visit the castle that time, I just wandered around in the park a little to hunt for stray cats! :hihi:
      I’ve been to and inside of Himeji Castle many times already – the first time in 2007 when it was still not covered by all those reconstruction thingies.
      It’s still one of my favorite castles, though! ^-^

  • Wow thats Cool! Never knew or seen a red dragonfly before!~ sooo beautiful! I wanna paint 1 now! :D thanks for inspiring me!~ :thumbup:

    Comment on your poupee girl later!

  • Gorgeous! I want to see one too. I’ve heard that there are enormous spiders in Japan, but I’d rather not meet them D:

    • I chased a lot of dragonflies and butterflies during my summer vacation trip, but it’s so difficult to get good shots of them. They’re just too fast! ^-^;
      I love the black and blue ones (that goes for both, dragonflies and butterflies) ^-^
      They are so beautiful!

      Not only enormous spiders
      , I fear …. :stressed:

    • I was so happy that I was able to take a decent shot.
      Usually I run after dragonflies or butterflies, but they really move fast, so it’s almost impossible to get a nice photo! ^-^;