2 Years Zooming Japan: Reflections

Exactly 2 years ago the first blog post was published here on “Zooming Japan”.
On November 13th in 2011 I started out with an article telling you how I made it to Japan.

I can’t believe it has been two years already! smilie
A lot of things have changed since then and I’m really grateful to all Zooming Japan readers and social network followers! smilie
You keep me motivated and thus this blog running!


Over 31.000 Awesome Followers

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Zooming Japan, I want to share a few interesting blog posts and statistics with you.

Zooming Japan has considerably grown in the past two years with your help. Currently we have over 31.000 followers. smilie
I would have never expected THAT!
In order to be able to compare Zooming Japan’s growth next year – or in two years, here are some current stats:
Top 25 countries of zoomingjapan readers


That makes a total of 31.620 followers from all over the world:


Most Popular Blog Posts

Within the past 2 years a few blog posts seemed to be especially popular among my readers. Sometimes I was surprised about your choice, but it always makes me happy if you like reading my articles! ^___^
Here are the most read / viewed blog posts:


Least Read Blog Posts

Most of the articles in this list are rather new, so I guess that explains the lower numbers. Make sure to check them out if you haven’t yet:


Blog Posts About Life and Work in Japan

I try to just write about things that I’ve recently experienced or that got me angry. That’s how most of my blog posts in this category come to life. Sometimes I also just remember when I was relatively new here in Japan and had a tough time with things, e.g. the laundromat, the garbage separation system etc.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to read about, just let me know in the comments below!

Here are the life and work related blog posts I’ve published thus far:




Zooming Japan – Interviews

Actually I love to interview people. Even with the people I’ve already met in person, I always get to know new things about them. And I like hearing about other people’s stories and how they came to Japan.

Interesting People I interviewed:


I also enjoy being interviewed. I’m a very talkative person, so I guess it’s no surprise that I like answering questions about my life in Japan. Two interviews are in German, so I fear not everybody can read them. The newest interview just came out today. What a coincidence and how nice to have it on my 2-year anniversary! ^__^

Interviews with Zooming Japan:


Zooming Japan – The Newsletter

Earlier this year I decided to create a newsletter for all of my readers. It’s the best way to get the newest blog posts right into your mailbox, so you can be sure you never miss any updates.

There’s also a monthly newsletter with the latest news about Japan, upcoming events, seasonal travel tips and more. You can get an idea by having a look as past issues:

November 2013 Issue
September 2013 Issue

Zooming Japan Newsletter

Interested? Then you can sign up here. It’s completely free and you can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked. Of course, your e-mail address is being kept private. I won’t give it to any third party.


Zooming Japan – The Shop

I’m sure most of you have heard of it already. I’ve created a Japan related shop where I sell Japan related items.

Most of the items are stationary utilizing the photos I’ve taken here in Japan.

If you like my photos, please check out my little Japan Shop and see if there’s anything you want. There are regular discount campaigns, too!
Zooming Japan Calendars

You can even earn money with Zooming Japan’s Shop. Read more about it here.


Zooming Japan – The Future

As you know I’ve travelled to all 47 Japanese prefectures and a lot of Japanese castles, but I’m still exploring new places regularly. There’s enough material for years and years to come and I want to share all the great spots I’ve discovered here in Japan with you!

Of course, I’ll also continue to write about the daily life in Japan – as I’m sure it’s useful for the people who intend to live here in the future. And there’s still the ongoing “A German Alien in Japan” series as well.

I hope that with your help this blog will grow into a useful resource for anybody who is interested in living, traveling or working in Japan.
I’m eager to hear your feedback and suggestions, so don’t hold back!

ZoomingJapan says thank you!Thank you SO MUCH for sticking with Zooming Japan!
I hope to see you around in the future as well. ^____^


  • What? Two years, really? How quick time flies…

    But…we have to say ‘Thank you’ for all of your posts, interviews, photos and so on! I really appreciated to see new articles from you, although my english isn’t so good. :mukatsuku:

    Also congratulation for you outstanding work! Thank you, J. :D

  • Wow, two years… incredible! How time flies when you’re having fun :notamused:

    I wish you all the best for the coming years. I love reading your posts and I travel vicariously through Japan with you in them (and take notes for what to visit next time I’m there).

    Thank you! :heart:

  • Sincere congratulations! I enjoyed your blog since when i found it, you sure are one of the best!
    Continue in that manner, I cannot imagine checking my news feed without seeing something new from you.
    Thank you and good luck for the future!

    • Alex, thank you so much for always sharing my photos and blog posts with your followers. It really means a LOT to me! :D

      Also, I really appreciate your nice and encouraging words. I’ll keep doing my best! ^____^

  • Congratulations Zooming Japan! Two fabulous years and I have really enjoyed reading your posts about your life and travels in Japan. I wish you continued success in the future and hopefully many more blog posts and interesting places to visit to come. All the Best!

  • Congrats on your anniversary :sparkling: :luvit:

    I always love seeing what new posts you come up with and they greatly inspire me when planning my own Japan trips, as much of your info can’t be found in regular travel books :peace:

    Keep up the awesome work ;P :heart:

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