Autumn Colors in Japan’s countryside (2011)

Autumn seems to be over now. Actually we had our first snow today (初雪: hatsuyuki = first snow).
I want to use this opportunity to say goodbye to my favorite season in Japan!
The photos you’ll see were taken last week, just around my apartment.
Please enjoy the beautiful autumn colors in Japan with me!

Japan autumn colors autumn colors in Japan

It’s quite obvious that autumn was about to end, right?

autumn colors in Japan

I can’t believe that this was only one week ago! Now almost all the leaves have fallen down!

Japan autumn colors autumn colors

Leaves gather around their flower queen!

Japan autumn colors

But it’s true that there were more leaves under the trees than on them already!

autumn colors

I like the color mix!

autumn colors

Shortly before the peak is over, it’s usually the most beautiful time as you get so many color variations everywhere!

autumn colors in Japan

Welcome to my inaka (aka very small city)!

autumn colors in Japan

Yes, it is peaceful and quiet … most of the time.

autumn colors in Japan

Beautiful autumn colors behind a convenience store.

autumn colors

The autumn colors in Japan were not as wonderful in 2011 as normally.

autumn colors in Japan

Autumn is a great time to visit Japan as the climate is very mild and usually it won’t rain very often.

Japan autumn colors

Look! The cars are kissing!?! XD

autumn colors in Japan autumn colors in Japan

Gotta love those stone lanterns!

Japan autumn colors

Love is in the air! *sing*
Have you figured it out yet? No???!!!

autumn colors

ZOOM: Can you see the culprit? XD
This is definitely one of my favorite autumn photos this year!

autumn colors in Japan autumn colors in Japan

Autumn colors in Japanese gardens are a sight you can’t miss!

autumn colors in Japan

I think I already mentioned this in my last “autumn colors” entry, but what I like the most is a combination of green, red and yellow like here!

autumn colors in Japan

And now I think it’s really time to say goodbye to autumn – at least for this year :(

They say that it’s gonna be an extremely cold winter in Japan this year!
What is your favorite season? Mine is definitely NOT winter!!

Thanks for reading!~


  • Your place is sooo beautiful :teary: This is such an ideal place I’d really love to live in- free from bustles, quiet and peaceful, with surrounding fresh air. The sight of autumn made it look more beautiful than it already seemed :thumbup:

    • Hello!! :D
      You think so? I don’t know, I’m used to live in the boonies (even in Germany), so I’m used to have a lot of nature around me. I really enjoy it!!
      Sometimes it would be nice to be closer to the bigger cities (like Osaka or Tokyo), though.

      It is absolutely beautiful in autumn and spring – and super green and fresh in summer. Only winter is always a little bit … “boring” :bah:

      • I see. :D I, on the other hand, live in quite an urban area so it would be really nice to escape the city hustles and bustles once in a while. But yeah, living in a bigger city offers a lot of convenience, not to mention, greater opportunities.

        Really? Then I’d really love to see it in spring too~ I bet it’s frozen there during winter. D:

        • I have tons of spring photos and I will post them all here once the time has come! ^-^
          So please look forward to them: Japan is turning into a pink wonderland! Hehe :D

          Not really. We don’t get a lot of snow around here. It really depends where you live in Japan!
          I visited Chubu area in winter last year and they get snow like WOAH!!! And of course Hokkaido does as well!! ^-^;

  • Ich finde das Foto mit dem “Herz” im Blatt super!
    Echt rare Erscheinung – toll, dass du mit so viel Blick fürs Detail durch die Welt wanderst!!

    Und die küssenden Autos! Auch noch in der Öffentlichkeit!!
    Aber auf dem Land ist scheinbar vieles lockerer :bleh:

    Weiter so! Und schön warm einpacken! In Tokyo wird es schon sehr “kühl”!

    • Vielen Dank!! :hearts:
      Ja, das stimmt, aber deswegen schauen mich die Leute auch manchmal komisch an, weil ich oft Sachen entdecke, und dann auf dem Boden rumkrabble um ein gutes Foto zu schießen etc. XDDD

      Tokio ist sehr viel wärmer als hier!! Bei uns wird’s an Weihnachten sogar schneien (wobei das selten liegen bleibt) … dabei leb ich ja quasi fast auf Kyushu! :hihi:

  • We’re looking at the same scenery! I have mountains and a lake here in my place. ;P

    If the rumor is true, then I’m not in the boonies yet? There’s Lawson and Familymart here aside from 7eleven but it’s pretty much inaka here.

    The leaf with the heart shape is :heart: :heart: :heart: It looks pretty.

    • What I love the most is some mountains in the background, a huge castle and the ocean close by as well. That’s my ideal type of landscape … though lately a bit dangerous, too, I guess.
      Landscapes like that can be found in many places in Japan, right?
      Shimabara in Kyushu was one of them, but living with an active volcano in the background is a bit scary, too :huh:

      *lol* I guess so.
      I mean there ARE Lawsons and stuff around, just not in the city center despite it being the CAPITAL of the prefecture!! (x__x’) …

      I totally am in love with that photo as well. Thanks! :hihi:

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