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Today I want to introduce something for anyone who loves listening to podcasts.

If you’re interested in Japan, in living in Japan in the near future – or even if you already live in Japan, then the following Japan podcasts are what you need!

GaijinPot“, a huge platform for foreigners living in Japan, recently changed their online appearance and also added a few new, useful services.
The most amusing, entertaining and also educational service is the Japan podcast one that GaijinPot is offering for free.


Top 3 GaijinPot Japan Podcasts

Here’s a small selection of my favorite GaijinPot Japan podcasts thus far:

Japan Podcasts GaijinPot

Getting a Job in Japan

“Getting a job in Japan is the dream of many but trying to understand all the rules and regulations of the job search in Japan can be frustrating.”

In this podcast you’ll learn how to create a resume and make it stand out or when the best time to apply for a job is.

It starts off with a 15 mins long talk with Reno Tibke from Akihabara News about the latest tech in Japan, e.g. Japanese vs. Western web design.

Byron Jones (Top Grade Japan), who started off as an English teacher, but is now one of Tokyo’s top recruiters, gives some great advice for anybody who is interested in finding a job in Japan. He’ll answer questions such as:

  • How to apply for jobs from overseas?
  • Do you have to speak Japanese?
  • How to understand Japanese work culture?

Listen to the podcast here.


Japan Podcasts GaijinPot

Learning Japanese With The GPOD

This podcast starts with Anthony Joh pointing out that you can survive in Japan without English, but are generally better off with Japanese skills, especially when it comes to job opportunities.

With this GaijinPot is kicking off their “Learning Japanese” series.

“To provide some inspiration for learning Japanese, we are pleased to announce our new language series on the GPod. Each month we will bring you an interview with a different language expert who will offer their suggestions on the best methods to learn Japanese.”

On this show Anthony is talking to John Fotheringham, the author of the language guide “Mastering Japanese: How to Learn Nihongo the Fun Way“.
He’s been an English teacher in Japan for many years and loves studying foreign languages.

So, he has some great advice for all of you who want to learn Japanese, like where to look for the best resources.

Listen to the podcast here.


Japan Podcasts GaijinPot

“Our Favorite Apps For Living in Japan”

Nowadays there’s a huge selection of smartphone apps for both iOS and Android that make our daily life easier.

In this podcast Anthony is joined by Reno Tibke again. They discuss their favourite apps that are helping with daily life in Japan.

I especially like this episode because they’ve chosen my blog as website of the week. smilie

They’re talking about “Zooming Japan” in the podcast (exact time: 3:30~6:30) – and I thought it was very amusing and flattering, so make sure to check it out! smilie

Japan Podcasts GaijinPot


The cute graphics of GaijinPot Japan Podcasts

As you can see each podcast comes with a matching, uberly cute picture. The awesome artist behind those graphics is Christi Rochin. I adore her work, so I wanted to mention her here.


Full List Of GaijinPot Japan Podcasts (Jan, 2014)

Here’s a list of all published podcasts thus far:

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Happy Listening!~smilie


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