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I decided to create a new category called “recommendations“.
The reason is simple. There are so many great books, magazines, websites, blogs, people and resources about Japan out there that I thought I should share some of them with you from time to time. smilie

As this is a brandnew category I thought it’s only fitting to introduce something that is also brand new! smilie
Also, some fellow bloggers I know are contributing and editing, so I feel like spreading the word.


The Tsuki Magazine

The Tsuki Magazine is a literary magazine filled with things related to Japan!

You’ll find poems, stories, interviews, artwork and beautiful photos in there!
Many popular bloggers also contribute to the tsuki magazine. It’s still difficult to say where this all is going as it’s just too new.

Here’s a sample of the first issue.
Among other things there’s an interview with the popular blogger Loco in Yokohama about his book “Hi! My name is Loco and I am a racist“. Actually I have his book (with personal signature smilie).

tsuki magazine

Cover Photo © Jason Arney


The editor Caroline Josephine writes about her motivation for the tsuki magazine:

“In 2010 I started a personal blog to share my stories and photos from Japan with not only my family, but also the rest of the world. After the Great Tohoku Earthquake on March 11th, 2011, I felt that it had become even more necessary to share Japan with the rest of the world. I wanted to tell people that the place that had come to be my home was okay! Japan isn’t something to be feared, fled, or shunned. I discovered that readers were coming to my blog because they wanted to know what was really happening, not just what the media was saying.”

I think it’s definitely a magazine that has potential. Let’s see where this goes!
You can also contribute or become an intern and get your own work published!
I’m also thinking about doing so, though the only thing I could contribute are my photos – and they can’t compete with the awesome pro photos that have already been published … smilie

Thanks for your attention! smilie

Information (2018):

Please note that the magazine doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
If you have any further information about this, please feel free to share.


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