Miyazaki Shrine and Heiwadai Park

This is a continuation of my winter vacation 2011/2012 travel report.
After leaving Nobeoka before noon I went to Miyazaki City where I spent the rest of the day visiting Miyazaki Shrine and Heiwadai Park.

Visited: January 1st 2012

Miyazaki, Kyushu

In front of Miyazaki Station.

My hotel was right next to the station: Toyoko Inn. (*highly recommended if it’s within your budget range)

Miyazaki Station, Kyushu

Miyazaki Station is surrounded by very tall palm trees.

Miyazaki, Kyushu

Inside the station building I found posters advertising Takachiho where I’ve just been the day before.


Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

Miyazaki Shrine

Just 1 station away from Miyazaki is Miyazaki Shrine (“Miyazaki Jingu Station” – JR Nippo Line: 3 mins).
From the station it’s a very short walk to the huge shrine grounds and park.

As it was January 1st, it was super busy and crowded.

Miyazaki, Kyushu

For the people who’re standing in line for hours, there were many food stalls along the way.

Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

Busy times. Everybody wants to buy new lucky charms (esp. for their house), mostly featuring that year’s zodiac (dragon).

Miyazaki, Kyushu Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

And of course, everybody buys “omikuji” (fortune-telling piece of paper). If it’s good luck (大吉、中吉、吉: super good luck, pretty good luck, good luck etc.), you’ll keep it, but if it’s not so good, you should leave your “bad luck” behind at the shrine.
I saw people getting rid of their “good luck” as they were aiming for “super good luck” instead. I usually end up with “good luck”, never got the “super duper good luck” yet!

Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

Looks like a lot of people weren’t satisfied with what they got, huh?

Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

At Miyazaki Shrine a lot of people stood in line … the bigger the shrine, the longer the line!

Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

Some even come in formal, traditional wear. So beautiful!

Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

Once it’s your turn, you pray for a good start in the new year.

Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

The main shrine building of Miyazaki Shrine. Difficult to access because of the crowds of people everywhere.

Miyazaki Shrine, Kyushu

Small sort of treasure house / museum. I didn’t go inside as it wasn’t free, but what I could see from the outside were a lot of kanji scrolls.
Please note: This is NOT the Prefectural Museum which is also nearby. I wanted to go there, but it was closed due to the New Years Holidays.

Miyazaki, Kyushu

There are a few smaller shrines in the park, so you might as well walk around and have a look at them, too.

Miyazaki, Kyushu

I did and it was nice. Nothing super great, but as I had a lot of time that day, I felt like strolling around and exploring the area.

Miyazaki, Kyushu Miyazaki, Kyushu

Wow! Still autumn colors in January?? That’s Kyushu for you!


Heiwadai Park

Miyazaki, Kyushu

You can actually walk from Miyazaki Shrine to Heiwadai Park, but it takes a while (~ 35 mins) and is a bit tricky to find. It might be better to take a bus from Miyazaki Shrine.

I enjoyed the walk as the weather was nice and I also got to take the obligatory manhole cover photo.

Miyazaki, Heiwadai Park, Kyushu

And then I arrived at “Heiwadai Park“. It’s not really famous or anything, but it has a little awesome “trick”.
If you walk towards the huge monument, there is an acoustic trick! Once you stand in front of it and clap your hands, an echo sound bounces right back at you.
Definitely try it yourself if you ever get the chance!

Miyazaki, Kyushu Miyazaki, Heiwadai Park, Kyushu

Close-up of the monument.

Miyazaki, Heiwadai Park, Kyushu

The main “attraction” of the park is probably the “Haniwa Garden“.
Haniwas are burial statues that were placed around burial mounds in tribute to the deceased.

Miyazaki, Heiwadai Park, Kyushu Miyazaki, Kyushu

There’s much more to discover in the park. It makes a nice afternoon walk. I also saw a few joggers and fishermen!

Miyazaki, Kyushu

And yes, the sign says that fishing is not allowed!! *LOL* …. Maybe they thought nobody would care?! Hm.

Miyazaki, Kyushu Miyazaki, Kyushu

Back at Miyazaki Station I went straight ahead and reached a shopping arcade. Unfortunately most shops had already closed due to the New Years Holidays. Miyazaki doesn’t seem to be such a big city. It’s very different from, let’s say Kagoshima, concerning the shopping opportunities or the nightlife!

And that was my first day in Miyazaki. It was rather short as I spent the morning in Nobeoka, but it was a really nice day.
My second day was much better with awesome weather and two of the most interesting shrines I’ve ever seen: Aoshima Shrine and Udo Shrine.


  • Aren’t those roses? =D

    I haven’t tried buying omijuki yet. Maybe I don’t believe in those?

    The statues are cute in the Haniwa garden. And the trick you discovered seems interesting. やて見たい!

    • That’s what I thought, too!
      But to be honest, I’ve been tricked by Japanese flowers so often already, that I don’t trust my intuition anymore! (^-^’)

      I don’t believe in them either, but it’s interesting to do it from time to time.
      However, they’re difficult to understand, also for Japanese people!

  • I wish I could be more species-specific, but that flower looks like a rose to me :)

    Wow I didn’t know that all those fortunes hanging in the trees were actually bad fortune!! You learn something new everyday :) Also, I love the black/white photo with the lovely kimono woman in it :D So beautiful!

    I can imagine Miyazaki must be really something in summer, with all the resorts and watersports and palm trees :D

    • That’s what I thought, too, but there are so many similar looking flowers in Japan, that I sometimes confuse them (e.g. plum and cherry blossoms).

      Thank you! I like that photo, too! :D

      Yes, it must be a sufers’ paradise in summer!
      It’s probably a good alternative for people who cannot afford to go to Okinawa?!

  • I’ve met some Japanese people who insist that it’s the good fortunes that you should tie trees/whatever, so it’s possible that there are some good ones in there too.

    I can’t believe you’ve never got the super duper good luck Mikuji! I get it 9 times out of 10….!! It’s a pity that I don’t believe in any of it, really, haha.

    The Haniwa garden looks awesome :)

    • That doesn’t surprise me. It might be different from shrine to shrine! Just like the “how to pray correctly” thingie! ^-^;

      Well, I haven’t done “omikuji” very often yet, so maybe that’s why! ;P

      Thank you very much for your comment, Jen! :hearts:

      • Ahh, I do them a lot because I tend to get amusing things written on them, like “You need to go back and learn English from scratch”, hehe.

    • Yes, there are, but Japan has so many look-alike flowers, that I often confuse them.
      That’s why I didn’t want to write that they’re roses.
      I did that often enough with cherry blossoms and was wrong with those, too! XD

  • Of course those flowers are roses! Was this a “trick question”?

    We saw a different Miyazaki [stayed at the Toyoko Inn too, so convenient!]. I am sorry we missed the Haniwa garden. Those statues are either very ancient, or they continued using an extremely old style. In any case, most interesting.

    I am going to email you a couple of my Miyazaki photos [the coast line and Aoshima beach]. Feel free to use them on your blog.

    • *LOL* No, that was not a trick question! :hihi:
      I seriously wasn’t sure!

      Oh, I got your LJ message, I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to reply yet!
      As you know I’m ultra-busy at the moment (see LJ message).
      Thanks for your kind offer, though. :D

  • I checked, and those statues are indeed reproductions of the ones used during the Kofun Period (300 – 538). I thought I recognized the style.

    I do plan to go back to Kyushu some day, concentrating on the Miyazaki and Kogashima areas, and then I will go to this park and also the Takachiho Gorge!

  • I like the pics taken by you!
    They’re so artistic!!

    I’ve been to Kyushu twice, but never been to Miyazaki prefecture. :(
    My first trip to Kyushu was the school trip at high school.
    My second trip to Kyushu was the economic conference in last year.
    So you know the Japanese traditional things in Kyushu better than I. :)

    I can luckily know the facinate things in Kyushu here!
    HANIWA is so funny. :)

  • Hello! :D
    I would love to visit the Heiwadai park!!
    I want to try it! :)

    Hope you will get super good luck on your next shrine trip! :heart:

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