Miyazaki: Sunmesse Nichinan

Visiting Kyushu during my winter vacation, I also stopped by at Miyazaki Prefecture. After visiting Aoshima and Udo Shrine along the Nichinan Coast, my last destination of the day was the Sunmesse Nichinan.
It’s not really a typical tourist attraction for foreign tourists, I guess. It’s more like an amusement park.

Visited: January 2nd 2012

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

The reason I wanted to visit were those huge stone statues, also known as MOAI.
The originals can be found on Easter Island.

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

They are pretty cool and … HUGE!!

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

So beautiful with the ocean in the background.

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

Of course there were millions of Japanese who wanted to take photos with them.

Please note that I visited during New Year’s – which is usually a busy travel time in Japan.

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

You can climb up a little hill. From there the view is really nice as you can see.

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

Apart from the stone figures everywhere there is not that much to do.
There were also a few horses and cows.
Actually when I was taking this photo I noticed that 2 Japanese guys stopped taking photos of the animals and took some of me instead. Really annoying. Am I a zoo animal or what? smilie
Again something to rant about in the “I’m a German Alien in Japan” – series, huh?

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

Well, the view is definitely beautiful … as almost everywhere along the Nichinan Coastline!

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

On the top of the hill there was a restaurant with a small museum.
As I was done for the day, I took a break and ate this yummy matcha cake.

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

The museum featured some “interesting” exhibits.

Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan Miyazaki Sunmesse Nichinan

There were also a few nice viewing platforms.

Tourist Information:
Opening Hours:
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. August (unless it’s a national holiday).
Entrance fee:
700 yen
Time required:
40-60 mins
〒887-0101 Miyazaki Prefecture, Nichinan, Oaza Miyaura 2650 // TEL: +(81) 987-29-1900
From Miyazaki Sta. take a bus bound for “Nichinan” and get off at “サンメッセ日南” (Sunmesse Nichinan). It will take about 1 h 20 mins. It’s the same bus that also stops at Udo Shrine and Aoshima!
Please note: Prices as well as opening hours / holidays are subject to change. Please make sure to follow the provided link to the official website to check out the latest updates.

And that was my 2nd day in Miyazaki.
In the evening I took a bus to Kagoshima from where I started my journey to Yakushima!

You can probably tell that I really liked Miyazaki.
So much that I went back there in December 2017 to discover even more spots there!


  • Anything matcha is good to me!!
    Looking forward to your view of Yakushima….I enjoyed reading mchao’s blog that provided great info about what to expect…I lauged til I cried reading his adventures.

  • The pictures tell the story and it looks absolutely beautiful there. I am going to Google more info and try to take a trip there.

    • Let me know if you need any further help.
      Also check out the link provided towards the end of this post. It’s in Japanese, but it gives you great access information and more! :thumbup:

  • Such wonderful photos! :D The view is simply spectacular on sunny days at Sunmesse~ Did you get to try the swings on the top of the hill? :hihi:

    I spent a year in Miyazaki as an exchange student and reading about your adventures there (and Kyushu in general) and looking at photos brings back so many wonderful memories :fan:

    • Hello Porosuke! :D
      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! ^___^
      *LOL* No, I didn’t try the swings. There were a lot of kids that day anyways. I didn’t want to be the mean, strange foreigner that steals the swings away from the kids. ;)
      Wow, you were lucky! Miyazaki is beautiful indeed and Kyushu has so many interesting spots to visit. Did you get to travel around a bit while you were there?

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