2017  Jun 4th ´

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50 Day Trips from Kyoto You Just Have To Know About

People always ask me about good day trips from Kyoto or Osaka. Especially if you have allotted quite a (...)

2016  Jan 20th ´

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Cafe de Miki – Cute Hello Kitty Cafe in Himeji

Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans out there, this is definitely interesting for you, so keep reading! I’m sure that (...)

2015  May 22nd ´

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Top 3 Night Views in Japan

Japan loves lists, so it’s not a surprise that you’ll find lists for almost everything. For visitors this is (...)

2015  May 4th ´

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Why Manga Fans Should Visit Kansai

Are you interested in manga? Then you definitely should visit Kansai, especially Kyoto. Why, you ask? Japan is the (...)

2015  May 1st ´

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Aioi Peron Matsuri – Dragon Boat Racing Festival near Himeji

If you happen to visit the beautiful Himeji Castle towards the end of May, you might want to consider (...)

2014  May 31st ´

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Japan’s 47 Ronin of Ako – The Greatest Example Of Bushido

Have you ever heard of Japan’s 47 Ronin? Nope? Ok, but do you know what a ronin (ろうにん、浪人) is? (...)

2014  Mar 22nd ´

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Sekai no Ume Koen (World Plum Park) near Himeji

I know, I know. Everyone loves cherry blossom season in Japan. But don’t forget about plum blossoms! I’ll never (...)

2014  Feb 3rd ´

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Takeda Castle – “The Castle in the Sky”

Hyogo Prefecture has a lot of great castles and thus is a must-visit for castle fans. Besides the famous (...)

2014  Jan 24th ´

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Old Castle Town and Soba Paradise: Izushi City

The castle explorer in me loves visiting Japanese castles. So, I went to Izushi Castle in Hyogo Prefecture. The (...)