Here you will find proper credit for all the things I’m using on my website that are not my own.
If I’ve forgotten to mention something that you created, please contact me, I’ll fix it immediately.
Be assured that I’m not forgetting anything on purpose here.


The Theme Layout:

I use a child theme of the Premium Theme “Voice” by mekshq.

Before that I used child theme of the free theme Alltuts by Site5.
However I tweaked it a lot to create my own style. I loved that theme so much and I put a lot of work into it:

Zooming Japan old theme

As it wasn’t responsive at all, I needed to get rid of it, though.


The Graphics:

Cat Cursor(s): Alice Grafixx (German)
Brushes used in Newsletter footer part 1: Japanese Cartoon Brushes by Angelmalachite @ Devianart
Brushes used in Newsletter footer part 2: Sumi-e Brushes by freak76 @ Devianart
Pink flowers: Beautiful Digital Art Flowers Designs
Cat character in “Start Here” and “Sitemap” pages: Tutorial by Cute Little Factory


Special Thanks to:

Everybody at WordPress StackExchange, XHTML Forum and for awesome codes and help.

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